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Ice Bath Benefits & Why Should Consider Cold Water Immersion Therapy

Cold water immersion therapy is fast becoming the topic on everybody's lips when it comes to sports recovery and rehab but what actually are the benefits of ice baths?

Whether you're dunking yourself in a modified freezer, taking a plunge in a local river or are dialling in your routine with a specialised Ice Barrel, there's no doubt there are huge benefits for cold water immersion therapy.

Ice Bath Benefits

According to research, the benefits of ice baths are:

  1. Reduced inflammation: One of the most immediate benefits of ice baths is that they help reduce inflammation to areas affected by strenuous physical activity or injury. The cold water and constriction of blood vessels in the muscles can slow down swelling, helping reduce pain and discomfort.

  2. Improved muscle recovery: After a tough workout your muscles often feel stiff, heavy and achy - an ice bath can help address these issues as it helps flush out lactic acid from your system and improve overall circulation. This leads to better muscle recovery which will benefit you if you engage in regular exercise or sports activities.

  3. Stress relief: Taking an icy plunge may not seem like the most pleasant way to relax but the body's response to the cold can help reduce stress and anxiety. The chill causes an increase in production of endorphins, which have been shown to have a calming effect on our psyche.

  4. Boosts immunity: Taking regular ice baths has been linked to increased immune system strength by triggering the release of white blood cells that protect us from infection and disease. This process is known as "cold shock response" and helps make your body more resilient over time.

  5. Improved skin health: Cold water can help tighten your pores, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, while improving overall elasticity for smoother skin. It also increases circulation which can improve the complexion and give it a healthy glow.

  6. Increased alertness: Taking a cold shower or bath can help wake you up and make you more alert. The shock of the cold water signals your brain to release hormones that increase energy levels and focus.

  7. Improved mental health: Cold showers have been found to reduce feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety by stimulating the release of endorphins, which are hormones that make us feel better overall. They can also improve our mood by helping us become more mindful and present in the moment. Finally, they can act as a kind of “reset” for our minds, allowing us to approach stressful situations with a calmer outlook.

  8. Improved sleep: Taking regular cold showers has been linked to improved sleep quality due to the calming effect it has as well as activating the shock response in your body too. As an athlete, improved sleep helps so much with recovery.

Are Ice Baths Good For You?

Yes, ice baths can be beneficial for those who engage in high-intensity physical activities such as athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Ice baths help reduce the risk of injury by reducing inflammation and promoting muscle recovery after exercise.

They can also help improve mood, boost immunity, and increase alertness. Additionally, regular cold showers can lead to improved sleep quality due to their calming effect on the body.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that everyone’s bodies react differently to temperature changes so it is best to consult with a doctor before taking an extreme plunge into icy waters. With proper safety precautions taken, ice baths may provide significant health benefits for athletes and active people alike.

What Does An Ice Bath Do To Your Body?

Ice baths can provide both physical and mental benefits to those who take part in them. The cold temperatures in the ice bath cause the blood vessels in your body to constrict, which leads to a decrease in inflammation. The cold shock of an ice bath also triggers a release of endorphins that can help reduce pain and fatigue.

Additionally, taking an ice bath may increase levels of human growth hormone (HGH), a substance that helps with muscle development and recovery after strenuous exercise. It is thought that taking an ice bath increases HGH levels due to its ability to stimulate the body’s sympathetic nervous system, which does not occur as easily during regular exercise sessions.

Finally, by cooling down the body's core temperature, ice baths can help improve sleep quality. When the body cools down, it sends signals to the brain to release hormones that encourage restful sleep. People who take ice baths may also experience an increase in energy levels during the day due to improved sleep patterns at night.

What is the best Temperature for an Ice Bath

Obviously water freezes at 0 Degrees but you can't bath in pure ice so the best temperature for an ice bath is around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius (50-60 °F). The temperature shouldn't be too cold, or else it may cause hypothermia. It should also not be too hot as the body needs to cool down in order for the process to work.

How Long Should You Stay in an Ice Bath?

The time spent in an ice bath should depend on a person's individual tolerance and comfort level. Generally speaking, it is recommended to stay between three and five minutes. However, some people may prefer shorter periods of two minutes while others can tolerate longer stretches of eight minutes or more. Everyone is different so it’s important to experiment with your own personal limits if you choose to try out an ice bath!

How many ice baths a week is best?

The frequency with which you should take ice baths is highly dependent on your personal goals, experience and health. Many athletes have found success with three or four ice baths a week, though those who are new to this practice may want to start at one per week and increase their frequency as they become more accustomed to the sensation.

Ultimately, it’s best to consult with a medical professional before beginning any type of cold-water therapy routine so that they can advise you on how often is safe and beneficial for your specific needs.

Should I Buy An Ice Bath?

Overall, taking an ice bath can have physical and mental health benefits for athletes of all levels. While cold-water immersion shouldn't replace regular exercise and nutrition, it can be a useful tool for helping athletes recover from strenuous activity and improve overall performance.

By incorporating short bouts of cold shock therapy into their routine, athletes can reap the numerous benefits associated with taking an ice bath and help keep themselves performing at their best.

But Ice Baths can be quite pricey - Our Ice Barrel Review shows the benefits and everything you need to know but the main one being that it can be over $1000.

However there are some alternatives to the Ice Barrel:


The MURO Ice Bath is a much smaller and less durable alternative but at only $70 it's certainly worth considering for those who don't do cold water immersion therapy every day.

Although for the bigger athletes you may want to choose another alternative.


The PEAKn Ice Bath is a great alternative, big enough for bigger athletes and doesn't cost too much.

Also you can completely deflate the bath and it's very portable.


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