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The Best CrossFit Team Names

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

So you're signed up for your local CrossFit team competition and you're choosing your CrossFit Team Name. Well there are SO many different options out there.

The Best CrossFit Team Names

Whether you want a funny CrossFit Team Name or a group CrossFit team name, you want to stand out and of course when you're standing on top of the podium to make the other teams jealous of your superior team name.

Whatever CrossFit Team Name you're looking for we have it:

We have gathered what we think are the best 65 CrossFit Team names out there today:

  1. Hakuna Masquata

  2. WOD is love

  3. 3 Peas in a WOD

  4. Mother Thrusters

  5. Wall Balls Deep

  6. Flexual Healing

  7. Chalk Dirty

  8. Crosshitters

  9. Double Chunders

  10. WOD Save The Queen

  11. Here For The Beers

  12. Your Pace Or Mine

  13. Dumb and Dumbells

  14. Chalk Fit

  15. All Chalk No Action

  16. Blood, Sweat & Beers

  17. Flex Appeal

  18. Apple Bottom Cleans

  19. The Trouble Unders

  20. "No rep?" "No whey!"

  21. All the Whey

  22. Cirque du Sore Legs

  23. Oh My Quad

  24. Will WOD for Cake

  25. Kilos and Pee Loads

  26. Swole Mates

  27. Fran Bear Pig

  28. Not Fast Just Furious

  29. In WOD We Trust

  30. Cunning Stunts

  31. WODtastic

  32. Sippin' on Gym and Juice

  33. Hustle and Muscle

  34. Beauty and Obese

  35. Booty and The Belly

  36. Pinky and The Gainz

  37. 2 Jerks and a Couple of Snatches

  38. Legs Miserables

  39. Buck Furpees

  40. The Burpees Strike Back

  41. Avo-Cardio

  42. For WODs Sake

  43. Queen & Jerk

  44. Booty and the Beast

  45. Snatch Me If You Can

  46. Scrambled Legs

  47. Oh, Swoley Night

  48. A Snatch Made In Heaven

  49. Your Pace or Mine?

  50. Cardi-Slow

  51. Chalk Dirty to Me

  52. Swole Sisters

  53. 2 Girls No Muscle Up

  54. WOD Now Wine Later

  55. Reps get Physical

  56. She-WODy-WODy

  57. The Hunger Gainz

  58. Guns N Poses

  59. Squat Girl Summer

  60. Look Mom, No Legs

  61. Rowing Pains

  62. Squats Your Problem?

  63. WOD were we thinking?

  64. Just Cross Not Fit

  65. Clean and Twerk

  66. The WODfather

  67. The CrossFit Crusaders

  68. The Muscle Malitia

  69. The Fitness Force

  70. The Barbell Brigade

  71. Mom Jeans and Power Cleans

  72. The She-Hulks

  73. Pretty Tough

  74. Vicious and Delicous

  75. Hustle and Muscle

  76. Chalk Monkeys

  77. The WOD Squad

  78. Fellowship of the Rings

  79. One WOD To Rule The All

  80. The Guardians of the Gains

  81. Snatch and Grab

  82. The Burpee Boys

  83. Deadlifting Divas

  84. Kettlebell Kings

  85. Pull-Up Posse

  86. Rowing Pains

Why have a Crossfit Team Name?

Although we think these are all great CrossFit Team Names we want to point out there is a reason for having a team name and it isn't just for fun or to make yourself laugh.

Many people like the idea of making competitions more like games and one major key to that is having an identity as a team. This gives you a bit more of an identity on the competition for.

It is also a great excuse to all wear matching or themed outfits. There are plenty of vests or T-Shirts that you can buy that will match your team name, for example this one fits perfectly with our #1 Name Hakuna Masquata.

The Best CrossFit Team Names

To add to this, many teams have been known to have themed music when they walk in so all of you know who is walking it. This doesn't need to be anything too much but just small things that add an air of readiness and fun before everyone competes.

Competing with your gym pals will make your competition experience so much better, mainly because you get to share in the pain, discuss tactics and suffer together!

Team CrossFit Names 2024

WOD-ever you think, having a strong CrossFit Team Name can make all the difference in competition or in a throw-down. You can get dressed up, get custom CrossFit T-Shirts and own your name.

If you are preparing for a CrossFit competition you can always set up an Instagram or TikTok with your Team Name and try and get followers and fans to follow your journey using your CrossFit Team Name. So when competition day comes along, you have a mass of followers and supporters chanting your team name!

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