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Mat Fraser's Secret Weapon For Arm Conditioning

Updated: May 7, 2023

Mat Fraser has revealed his Arm Machine that he used to exercise his arms and condition them for CrossFit. The FIITY Arm Trainer is his best kept secret.

We all know that Mat Fraser has kept his cards close to his chest in recent years.

On podcasts and interviews, Fraser has alluded to revealing his secrets of training and how he got to where he is today as soon as he retires and well folks, today is the day.

On a recent video on Mat Fraser's CrossFit Youtube channel Fra5er, Mat walked through a gym tour with all of his equipment and revealed an odd looking piece of equipment that many are scrambling to get their hands on.

The piece that Mat talks about here is the FIITY Hand and Forearm Trainer which is a spinning muscle trainer that works (as in the title) your grip and forearms.

What is the Mat Fraser Spinny Thing?

This forearm, hand or arm trainer is also used in boxing to replicate the speed bag motion and is sometimes called a "Speed Bag Burn Machine".

Mat said that he has purposely kept this piece of equipment a secret for 3-4 years because it was "such a valuable tool" to his training. By avoiding having his speed bag burn machine on videos and photos when in his gym, he certainly kept his secret from the world.

Where the majority of cardiovascular training required in CrossFit is leg or quad dominant, Fraser wanted something he could train his upper body conditioning too. He was recommended this piece of arm trainer by a friend but even admitted he didn't know what it was.

What is a FIITY Arm Trainer?

So called "Professional Speed Bag" the FIITY Arm Trainer has "360 degree Rotating Grips" for cardio-aerobic conditioning and toning the arm muscles. It is made to replicate the punching movements a boxer makes when using a speed bag.

Also made for weightlifters and martial artists who use their upper body a lot it provides a unique workout by spinning on ball bearings. Fraser mentioned that the FIITY arm trainer comes in 8, 10 and 12lb sizes but on Amazon it has 6 and 8lb options as out of stock.

FIITY Arm Trainer Alternatives

I have picked 5 top FIITY Arm Trainer alternatives for those wanting different options. I have also included both US 🇺🇸 and UK 🇬🇧 options too.

The most like-for-like alternative is the Tyoo Burn Machine but is very expensive compared to the alternatives so you should see quality with this one. In addition to that it comes in at 12lbs which is the same as Frasers.

Price - $229

Weight - 12lbs

My top alternative is the Jolitac Multifunctional Hand and Forearm Trainer which is almost identical to the FIITY Arm Trainer but is actually available to buy.

This one also comes in a 6lb and 8lb weight which is a little lighter than Frasers but looks to still do the same.

This is definitely my top pick here, it looks the most similar speed bag burn machine to Frasers' and comes in the similar weights.

Price - £45

Weight - 6lbs, 8lbs

P.S. This is selling fast, get yours quick!

The next option is the Iron Gym Hand Trainer which is made out of plastic and is a lot lighter at only 1.3lbs but at $25 is by far the cheapest.

Price - $25

Weight - 1.3lbs

This option is by far the most expensive at £170 +£100 delivery (compared to £45 + Free delivery for the first).

However, the ZXYWW Arm Strength Exerciser does come in 12lbs and 8lbs variations. This looks to be of premium quality too so might be worth the price.

Price - £170 + £100 delivery

Weight - 8lbs, 12lbs

This last option looks of lesser quality but is similar in style. The N\A Power Twister is available in heavier weights of 10kg or 20kg. There are no reviews on this one so buy with caution.

Price - £50

Weight - 10kg, 20kg

Workouts to do with the FIITY Arm Trainer

When Fraser was describing his tools he gave a few examples of workouts you can do with the FIITY Arm Trainer Speed Bag Burn Machine:

Workout 1

10 Rounds of:

30 Seconds On

30 Second Off

We also think that you can supplement your conditioning workouts with this too. Instead of using a rower or ski erg you can swap in your speed bag machine. This only tends to work with timed interval workouts as the Fiity arm trainer doesn't have a calorie or meter counter.

Fraser also mentioned that he uses the spinning Arm Trainer/burn machine above his head, out in front of him and whilst he is bent over to work different parts of the arm & shoulders which you could change up in the various rounds of the workout.

Take a look at what Mat had to say and his gym tour in the video below:

Don't forget to subscribe to Mat Frasers CrossFit YouTube Channel Fra5er, for more juicy secrets of his success!

Even though Mat got the spelling wrong (which must be driving fellow Crossfitters nuts trying to get hold of one) the FITTY or FIITY arm trainer will be flying off the shelves now 5 times fittest on earth Mat Fraser has one.

If you pick up a burn machine or have used one before, let me know in the comments below. We have also revealed the unique sun light alarm clock that Mat Fraser uses to get the best sleep of his life!

Looking for any more gym equipment or conditioning tools? Check out our Reviews section which reviews more equipment, tools and products or check out my best CrossFit grips for pull ups.


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