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Addsfit Mini Massage Gun Review

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Discover whether this mini massage gun is the one for you, with our Addsfit Mini review.

When it comes to convenience and price, a mini massage gun can be the ideal companion to your recovery routine, but finding the right option is no easy job - there are a huge amount of products out there on the market right now.

Luckily for you, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of it, with our comprehensive Addsfit Mini review.

Massage guns are on the rise and are gaining more and more popularity across the globe as a workout recovery tool for athletes, no matter what the sport.

We’ve put this mini massage gun to the test, looking at everything from design to spec to find out whether it’s worth your money. The verdict is in - this really is a fantastic product.

Check out the pros and cons:


  • Light weight means it’s easy to use and bring with you

  • High power levels, almost matching bigger products

  • Comes with strong protective case

  • Two heads offers good level of variety

  • Convenient size

  • Hygienic, yet sturdy aluminium material

  • Three year warranty available, completely free

  • 30 day risk-free returns available

  • Speedy world-wide shipping


  • Only three speeds for those who may want smaller increments

  • Only two heads if you want more variety

  • Not quite as powerful as bigger products

As you can see, after our Addsfit Mini review, we found that the pros really outweighed the cons with this product. We found that, despite it’s size, it offered an incredible amount of power that we found exceeded our expectations, and was only just lower than much larger models.

While it might have fewer heads and only three speeds, having used the Addsfit Mini, we never found ourselves wanting for more. So, if you’re after a reliable mini massage gun that delivers on power with a lower price, the Addsfit Mini is for you.

Keep reading our Addsfit Mini review to find out more about this workout recovery tool.

Addsfit Mini Benefits - what can you expect?

Upon a thorough Addsfit Mini review, we found there were plenty of exciting benefits to this product:

  • Easy to use - the lighter weight of this product, along with the brilliant ergonomic design means the Addsfit Mini massage gun is very easy to use. We found it was actually much more convenient than a larger gun at reaching difficult areas like the back because it’s so light.

  • High power levels - Coming in at 3000RPM at it’s max speed, the Addsfit Mini massage gun is only 300-200RPM less powerful than guns twice its size. We were extremely impressed with this power output, considering it’s smaller size.

  • Sturdy and hygienic material - The Addsfit Mini is made from a sturdy, yet light aluminium, which means it’s super easy to keep clean and looking smart. On top of that, the heads are also aluminium, which means they’re easy to glide over muscles which is essential to using a massage gun well.

  • Comes in a protective case - We’re not just looking at the gun when it comes to quality and value for money. The hard-shelled protective case offers extra protection to your Addsfit Mini, that means it’s easy to store away or throw in your gym back. Plus you can rest assured that your mini massage gun is well looked after.

  • Free 3 year warranty - Everyone who purchases the Addsfit Mini massage gun gets a free three year warranty for the product. We like this because it gives you, the customer, peace of mind that your purchase is protected, and it shows that the people over at Addsfit are very confident in the quality of their product. It’s a big thumbs up from us and we definitely think you should activate your warranty when you get your Addsfit Mini.

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What is the Addsfit Mini massage gun?

The Addsfit Mini is a mini massage gun that delivers rapid vibrations that can be used to help relieve tension or pain in knotted or damaged muscles all over the body. By using the Addsfit Mini massage gun, you can work on knotted soft tissue by breaking down the knots and promoting a more efficient and speedy recovery.

These vibrations can also help to improve blood flow through the muscles, helping to flush out damaging toxins that may sit within knots, and reduce inflammation.

Due to these benefits, the Addsfit Mini massage gun can be used to help promote a faster and more efficient recovery after a workout, as well as helping to warm up before a workout and keep the muscles warm between sets during a workout.

Athletes in almost every sport can benefit from a massage guns as a recovery tool by using the massage gun to dissipating the build up of lactate and other toxins in your muscles.

Nowadays, massage guns like the Addsfit Mini are becoming increasingly popular, as they’re seen as very effective, budget way of receiving a massage you’d normally have to pay a massage therapist for. While they’re no replacement for the expertise and experience of a trained massage therapist, they can help to keep you in much better condition between your regular appointments.

In fact, massage guns like the Addsfit Mini are now used by athletes world wide due to their fantastic benefits.

Addsfit Mini unboxing - what do you get?

We were very excited to receive our Addsfit Mini and were very excited to perform the initial unboxing. We believe that, with any product, there should be care and attention paid to everything, from the moment you open the box through to using the product.

We believe that the people at Addsfit agree with us on that one!

They have clearly taken extra care in creating an experience for every customer. The box was simple, yet smart in it’s design which was an indication of quality from the get go.

Inside the cardboard box, we found the Addsfit Mini hard-shell protective case. This was very impressive to us. The quality of the case is very high and reassures us that the massage gun within will be protected in the long run, whether it’s stored away, or added to a gym bag.

The protective case is matte black and features a simple Addsfit logo. Overall, it looks and feels the part of quality product.

Inside the case, we found two heads, the massage gun, the charging cable and a leaflet with instructions on how to use the Addsfit mini, and how to activate your free warranty.

We were happy to see the case has smart compartments, which means each element within the box has a place, and won’t be rattling around when you’re carrying the box with you.

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Addsfit Mini design

The look and feel of this mini massage gun is sleek and simple. Available in both light pink and steely grey, it looks the part of a smart, modern massage gun.

However, a whole lot more has gone into the Addsfit Mini design than just looks. We found that the simple, straight forward handle and gun head made it super easy to use, especially when trying to get to those difficult areas, like the upper back.

On top of that, the sleek aluminium material makes it both light and sturdy, which means it’s something you can rely on. The people behind the Addsfit Mini have also thought about hygiene as they’ve created this mini massage gun. The smooth design and use of aluminium material throughout means it’s easy to clean after use in the gym or at home.

This is a big plus for us as, in the world we currently live in, cleanliness and health is a huge concern - especially at the gym where high touch-point areas are very common.

The fact the heads on the Addsfit Mini are aluminium is also a big plus from us, as it means the gun glides smoothly over clothes and skin, where rubber or silicone heads can often get caught or bunch up your clothes, interrupting your massage.

Overall, we think a huge amount of thought has gone into the Addsfit Mini design, both from a style and ergonomic perspective. It’s a breeze to use, powerful and easy to keep clean. With all that in mind, it gets a big thumbs up from us.

Addsfit Mini - Specifications

When it comes to comparing which mini massage gun is best for you, it often comes down to specifications. We’re talking power, weight, usage time etc. If you’re not a big tech enthusiast, then all the jargon can be a little much. So, to simplify things, we’ve explain what each element means and how it holds up against similar products in our Addsfit Mini review. Take a look.

Size: 12.9 cm by 4cm by 10.4 cm

Weight: 360g

Power/ speed: 1600/2500/3000 RPM

Material: Aluminium

Battery Life: 400 Minutes

Let’s start with the Addsfit Mini size. This mini massage gun fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, to the point where you can hold it at one end to reach those difficult areas on your back, or hold the full thing with ease, to apply a little extra force when you need to, like over your quads.

Overall, we found the size to be just right. It’s definitely small enough to bring with your where you may need to go, whether it’s the gym or on a trip, but it’s also not too small that you can’t get a good grip on it, or achieve a really satisfying massage.

When it comes to weight, the Addsfit Mini weighs about the same as an apple. This is great, as using it doesn’t become tiring or difficult, even when you’re reaching over your shoulders to work on the upper back. This is a massive benefit of the mini massage gun, as you don’t want the weight of it to tire you out, it should help you recover rather than be a workout in it’s own right!

When it comes to power and speed, we were extremely impressed. When buying a mini massage gun like the Addsfit Mini, many people are concerned they’re losing out on power.

Admittedly, the Addsfit Mini is slightly less powerful than bigger versions. But we’re putting a big emphasis on slightly here. Many bigger massage guns offer a maximum speed of 3300RPM. So you can see the Addsfit Mini is only a fraction behind, despite being more than half the weight of some of these bigger guns! We were extremely impressed, truth be told.

The power to weight ratio on the Addsfit Mini really is outstanding.

We’ve used the Addsfit Mini countless times and it never fails to impress when it comes down to power. It’s easy to use and delivers a really strong massage, that is more than enough to break down muscle and provide you with some relief.

One drawback with the Addsfit Mini is that it only offers three speeds - there had to be a drawback somewhere! This means that, if you’re sensitive to the gun and only want to increase speed slowly, you don’t have the smaller increment increases that bigger guns with more speed settings offer.

Having said that, we found in our Addsfit Mini review, that the jumps between the speeds weren’t huge and we didn’t find that they were too aggressive or unexpected. Having said that, we found that we stuck to the bottom two speeds quite a bit, as they were plenty powerful enough to massage out any knots and kinks.

As we’ve said above, the use of aluminium complements a sleek design, lightweight, yet sturdy product and a hygienic one too! It’s a great choice for a mini massage gun like the Addsfit Mini.

In terms of battery life, this little mini massage gun is fantastic. We happily used the Addsfit Mini regularly for a few weeks before the red light came on and we had to recharge. It’s definitely got more than enough if you’re bringing this portable massage gun with you on a trip somewhere.

And, the charger itself is usb, so you can plug it in to your phone charger plug, or even your laptop if you need to.

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How to use the Addsfit Mini massage gun?

To complement the sleek and simple design of the Addsfit Mini massage gun, the creators have made it as simple as possible to use, with the one button approach.

  1. Hold the button at the bottom of the Addsfit Mini handle down until the lights flash. This means it is on

  2. Attach your desire head, pushing it in until it clicks firmly into place

  3. Press the same button once to activate the first speed

  4. Press the button again to up the speed

  5. And again to reach maximum speed

  6. By pressing the button once more, you cycle back to the first speed

  7. Once you’ve found your desired speed, gently apply the vibrating head to the troublesome area of muscle

  8. Glide the massage gun over the muscle, being sure to keep it moving so you stimulate blood flow and don’t hurt the damaged area of muscle

  9. Apply slight pressure when needed, being sure it doesn’t hurt or become uncomfortable

  10. Once you’ve finished your massage, hold the button down again for a few seconds until the lights turn off

The Addsfit Mini is super easy to use and it’s easy to cycle through the different speeds to find the setting to suit you and your needs. Overall, we found it a breeze to use and understand.

Massage gun safety - before you use the Addsfit Mini

Before you use any massage gun, it’s important to understand how to use them correctly, otherwise damage can occur. A massage gun, like the Addsfit Mini, is a powerful device and should be used with care to avoid unnecessary pain or injury.

Aim to follow these simple rules and you should be absolutely fine to use your Addsfit Mini massage gun:

  1. If it hurts stop using the massage gun - while muscle massage can be slightly uncomfortable, if you feel sharp pain then stop what you’re doing and consult a doctor or a massage therapist.

  2. Do not use the massage gun over bones or joints - a massage gun is designed to treat soft tissue and the vibrations are too aggressive to be placed directly onto bone. Avoid using it on bone completely

  3. Don’t use a massage gun on your neck - Your have carotid arteries running along the sides of your neck and the vibrations from a massage gun can damage these which can cause serious injury. Avoid using the massage gun on sensitive areas like this.

Follow these rules and you should have everything you need to use the Addsfit Mini massage gun safely and effectively.

Addsfit Mini reviews

It’s one thing us recommending this product after an Addsfit Mini review, but if you’re here to find out whether this really is the mini massage gun for you, then it’s likely you’ll want to know what other customers think too. Let’s take a look:

Mina gave the Addsfit Mini 5 stars:

“I wasn't even aware that massage guns were available in such a compact size - I had practically settled on a standard sized Hypervolt, but while it was sitting in my cart, the price increased over a hundred dollars, prompting me to research what other less expensive but equally good or better options might be out there. By chance I stumbled on an article online that reviewed various top options - mostly standard-sized guns, but also this well-reviewed compact, which seemed to be just the ticket. Compact, sleek looking, effective, quiet and very attractively priced. Soon after my wife and I tried it out, we decided that instead of sharing, we should each have our own, so our second is already on its way!”

Audiophile gave it 4 stars:

“I purchased this unit for my mom and after testing it out, I wanted to keep it for myself. The unit does a good job and is strong enough to give you a bit of relief. It's not big and bulky so you can carry it along with you when traveling. It comes with 2 heads, but I did wish they included the head that has 2 prongs as that works better when using along the spine. Comes in a nice hard case for all of the attachments.”

Gina gave it 5 stars:

“I have tried many massage guns and I would honestly have to say that addsfit is top of the market! I have both the mini and the max and use both very often. The mini has the same amount of power as the max and is a great compact size. As a sports therapist and athlete myself, I use this product on myself and my clients. The size of the mini is great to keep in my treatment bag and training bag! I would highly recommend!!”

As you can see, the Addsfit Mini reviews out there are very positive. While some say they wish it came with more head options, the majority say it delivers everything they need for an excellent massage.

From the Addsfit Mini reviews we saw, we found some were from massage therapists and athletes themselves, which shows just how well received this product is, even by professionals.

In terms of performance and power, the Addsfit Mini reviews really shine. And when it comes down to size and portability of the product, many say it ticks all the boxes, making it easy to bring with you wherever you go and effective too.

Overall, we found that the Addsfit Mini reviews out there reflected our findings that, while this product may not have the extra heads other bigger designs do, this mini massage gun is well designed, easy to use, powerful and delivers huge results when it comes to convenience and portability.

We were happy to see the Addsfit Mini reviews out there were pretty unanimous - this is an excellent mini massage gun.

Addsfit Mini Price - How good is the value for money?

Addsfit Mini Price: $105/£99

Compared to other models out there, including bigger massage guns that offer only a slightly higher level of power, we found that the Addsfit Mini price comes in as very reasonable.

Other mini massage guns are more expensive and, we don’t think they matched up to the quality and power of the Addsfit Mini. Overall, we think this is an excellent price, and a product you shouldn’t miss out on.

Addsfit Mini review conclusion

We can honestly say that performing this Addsfit mini review was a pleasure. This mini massage gun ticks all the boxes for us. From it’s impressive power output, to it’s lightweight design. Smart protective case to the sleek aluminium finish. This really is one of the best mini massage guns we’ve reviewed - and we’ve reviewed a lot.

Reassuringly, we found that the Addsfit Mini reviews from customers supported our findings and this appears to be a very strong product that’s received well by fitness enthusiasts and even pros like athletes and massage therapists.

When it came down to price and value, we were happy to see a reasonable price tag, which we think offers excellent value for money when you compare the price to the quality of the product.

Overall, after a careful Addsfit Mini review, we feel happy giving this product the Fit Review seal of approval, and recommending it to our readers.

Standard shipping within 5 to 10 business days. Expedited shipping within 5 business days. Purchases are delivered in a recycled box, with a gift carry case from addsfit. See the delivery FAQs for details on shipping methods, costs and delivery times.

Our shipping was super quick and we're incredibly happy with ours and we hope you are too!

If you have purchased a Addsfit Mini massage gun, comment below how much you like yours.


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