9 Top Gift Ideas For Every CrossFitter in 2021

Updated: Jun 25

We know that Crossfitters love an accessory or two! Here are our top picks for gift ideas for a CrossFitter in 2021!

If you know a CrossFitter then you know they're pretty much obsessed with CrossFit, always talking about Mat Fraser or Tia Claire-Toomey, how spicy the WOD was in the class and what new Nano or Metcon is coming out soon.

We have searched high and low for the best gift ideas for CrossFitters taking into consideration cost, quality and of course bragging rights when you get in your boxing day workout.

What Gifts Do CrossFitters Like?

There are a load of accessories and clothing that people who do CrossFit will love. From what people wear, what they use in the gym and perhaps even memberships or subscriptions too; you won't be stuck for gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts.

There are many different sites to purchase from too, like Amazon, WIT and Reebok too.

In addition to this, there are a range of products with a range of prices that can suit any gift budget.

More than just your pair of socks (although we CrossFitters love a pair of socks) this list of CrossFit gift ideas caters to all wants and needs. Enjoy!

CrossFit Logo Tee

Reebok, £22

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What CrossFitter is complete without the world famous CrossFit Logo Tee. The legendary t-shirt is ideal for box wear, lounge wear and of course showing off to all your friends and family that you are in-fact a CrossFitter...and part of the cult!

Nike Metcon 6

WIT, £114

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Look the coolest in the gym with a pair of the newest Metcons, famously fashioned by the man himself Mat Fraser. Great for all round Crossfitting and looking fresh in white.

Winston lifting Belt

2POOD, £46

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If you don't know the legendary dog Winston of the legendary Games athlete Jacob Hepner then who are you and why have you been living under a rock.

Best. Gift. Ever.

Hero 2.0 45L Backpack

Built for Athletes, £90

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CrossFitters have a lot of gym gear (as you can see by the length of this list!) so they need a bag to carry all their stuff from box to box. The Built For Athletes brand have tapped into the military roots of CrossFit with their style of bags.

BumbleBee Grips

Reyllen, £30

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Grips are a great addition to a CrossFitters arsenal, especially one who complains about ripping their hands ALL the time. These grips have been extensively reviewed and have come out on top!

Nike Romaleos 4 amp

WIT, £170

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High performance, quality, comfort and style, the Nike Romaleos are THE lifting shoe. Taking feedback and becoming a hybrid of the 2 and the 3 the Romaleo 4 is the best of all worlds and IMO THE best lifter on the market today.

Pro Speed Jump Rope

Reebok, £17.99

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One of the smallest and most portable pieces of CrossFit gear, the speed rope is a must have in any CrossFitters bag. The Reebok Pro Speed Jump Rope has rotating handles and a durable rope that will help any CrossFitter breeze through their double unders.

Theragun mini

WIT, £175

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Massage therapy is a growing trend in the CrossFit community and Theragun is leading the charge with big advocates such as Rich Froning who back the products, not to mention the value of massage therapy for recovery.

WODsox Weighted Vest

WIT, £130

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A must have for any serious CrossFitter, the weighted vest makes easy movements more difficult. We say easy....we'll leave it to the professionals. The vest comes in a wide range of colours so make sure you get one that matches your socks, shoes, shorts, tees, cap and everything else.

There you have it, loads of CrossFit gift ideas with a wide range of prices and styles all to fit every CrossFitter out there.

Let us know what your top picks are in the comments below!