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Why You Need a CrossFit Program

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Many CrossFitters around the world are part of a CrossFit Gym or workout in their own gym/garage and the majority of athletes will follow a program to help them become fitter.

However some athletes will follow the programming of their gym or CrossFit HQ programming without understanding why you need a CrossFit program to get fitter, stronger and healthier.

In this guide we talk through why you need a CrossFit program, the benefits of a CrossFit Programme and where you can find your next CrossFit program.

If you are an athlete that participates in CrossFit or even just a regular gym goer you will know how important goal setting is to get to where you want to go in your fitness journey. A CrossFit program can help athletes set a goal, and work out a way to achieve that goal.

Whether that goal is to get stronger on your lifts, improve your gymnastic skills, get a faster 5k run time or just lose some weight with CrossFit, having a program can help you create a clear path to your goal.

Who Needs A CrossFit Program?

Its common to see athletes who are preparing for a competition, race or local throw-down to ramp up their training to really see what their body can do. But in reality anyone who is looking to improve their health and fitness is suitable for a CrossFit Program.

It comes down to finding the right one for your skill level and that fits with your objectives. For example if you want to get stronger on the compound lifts then following a powerlifting program might be a good option, similarly with olympic lifting, gymnastics, running, rowing or swimming for example. The more specific your goal the easier you can find a program.


What Are The Benefits of A CrossFit Program?

There are plenty of benefits to following a CrossFit Program:

  • You can set yourself a goal and time-frame to achieve that goal and a program will help you keep on track.

  • You don't have to pick and choose which workout you want to do every day. It's already written for you.

  • You are able to plan out your training week and rest days and give yourself more of a routine.

  • You are able to keep yourself accountable with your training, nutrition, hydration and recovery to help you achieve your goals faster.

  • Be recording what weights, and times you completed within your program you are able to benchmark you progress and build on your times and weights in the future.

Not only can a CrossFit Program help you achieve your goals but it can also help you be stricter and more motivated in the long run!

How Long Should A CrossFit Program Be?

This question really depends on what your goal is. If you're looking for improvements in performance and you're already a fit person then the program can be longer than say perhaps a beginner to CrossFit who can see gains from CrossFit really quickly.

In addition to this, it will also depend on the time you have available and your ability to recover quickly. Piling on training volume might not be the best option if you're only used to working out once or twice a week.

Choosing the right CrossFit Program for you is essential for not burning out, becoming demotivated, injuring yourself or making you give up early.

Where Can I Find A CrossFit Program?

There are plenty of CrossFit Programs out there for athletes wanting to improve their goals and some of them are completely free!

Cost $0

The CrossFit Mainsite programming includes a wide variety of movements and posts a workout every day. They often include instructions for each movement and are designed to help the average person get fitter by exercising an hour every day.

Cost $10

Our very own 8 week CrossFit Program contains 6 workouts a week with specific movements and workouts to help competitive athletes get stronger and more proficient and Crossfit skills like gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting with some challenging but important workouts designed to test you.

Cost $30 per month

Cardio coach Chris Hinshaw is an expert in aerobic coaching and releases daily workouts designed to help athletes improve their cardiovascular capacity and get better at running, cycling, swimming and more.


AMRAP Antics 8 week Crossfit Program For Athletes
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