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Mat Fraser Retires From CrossFit

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Mat Fraser, 5 times Fittest Man on Earth at the CrossFit Games has retired from competing at the sport of CrossFit. Fraser celebrates a long career of competing in the CrossFit world with over 7 years competing in the sport.

Mat Fraser announced his retirement in a social media post that "Today I leave the sport older, wiser, fitter and grateful."

This announcement comes as a surprise to many as Fraser is still at the top of his game, dominating the field once again in the 2020 version of the Reebok CrossFit Games.

Many other athletes have expressed their support to Fraser for this decision:

pvellner - It’s be a privilege to compete next to you and call you a friend. No one deserves some time off more. Looking forward to catching you on the sidelines and watching you crush whatever comes next. #FRA5ER

karasaundo - Congrats mate 😊👊🏽❤️

butterybros - You’re a legend, 🐐, and friend. Thanks for inspiring us all for the last few years. Here’s to what’s next. #HWPO

Support has come from businesses and athletes alike with Nike training posting this.

Praise also comes from Fraser's long time Coach and friend Matt O'Keefe or chief Keefe as many call him.

okeefmr - Proud of all you’ve done, who you are and where your going. It’s been the ride of a lifetime, so will the next chapter. Love you @mathewfras and I am so happy for you. 🐐🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇

As Fraser has stated in his retirement announcement post, Fraser plans to remain in the CrossFit community, just not from the competition floor.

This begs the question as to whether Fraser will reveal his training programmes and methodology. He has long stated in podcasts and through various media outlets that he will reveal how he became the fittest on earth (five times over) when he no longer competes in the sport.

We look forward to seeing that as well as seeing what else Fraser pulls out of the bag.

He will go down as the most dominant CrossFit athlete in history and possibly the fittest man to have ever lived.

Fraser wrote a full explanation of his departure from CrossFit for The Morning Chalk Up which dives deeper into his decision.

Read Frasers Open Letter here.

We are sad to see Fraser leave the competition floor but are happy and excited to see what is next for him and of course the CrossFit roster in 2021.

2021 has already proven to be interesting for CrossFitters with Frasers long time training partner Tia-Clair Toomey emigrating to south Korea to help Australia qualify for the Olympics in the Bobsled team... a much different Olympic experience than the last time she competed.

Nevertheless we hope the dominant pair will continue to thrive, be fit and a part of the community.

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