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Best CrossFit Gym Timers

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

From setting intervals, to counting down your AMRAP or even just as a clock, your CrossFit Gym Timer is an essential piece of equipment in your gym, box, home gym, garage gym or even for yourself in a commercial gym.

This blog takes a look at the best CrossFit Gym Timers split into three main categories:

These three categories will have different sizes, functionalities and price points too.

Our Top Recommended Gym Timer

Before we dive in to the range of CrossFit gym timers available, here is our top pick which is best for price, size and functionality.

The LUCORB gym timer is one of the most reasonably priced gym timers at just under $40 with 7 preset modes, bright LED display and comes with easy to use buttons. There are a few functionalities which set it apart from the rest.

  • The Lucorb gym timer has a magnetic backing to help it attach to your rack, bars or other piece of equipment that can help you see the timer better.

  • The timer also has a progress bar that counts down your rounds or visualises total time, making it easier to see how much time you have left on your set.

  • It also functions as a normal alarm clock, so no more missing the gym because you slept in!

You can purchase from for only $39.99!

CrossFit Gym Timers

These timers will have all the interval, countdown and count up options as well as having a remote control and be large enough to be seen across the gym.

Gymnext Flex Timer


Size: 2 x 15 x 5 inches

Functionality: App Operated with 10 main timer modes (including Standard Count Up/Down, Round, Interval, Tabata, EMOM, Multi-Segment, and Laps/Stopwatch)

Price: $179.00

The Gymnext Flex Timer is one of the most superior timers we've seen with a great, multifunctional app as well as a very large, easy to see screen. Perfect for larger CrossFit Gyms!

  • Easy set up

  • Very clear and visible LED displays

  • Incredibly customizable for every workout

  • Sync with speakers and headphones

  • Link with multiple FLEX timers to sync the whole gym

  • Link with your bluetooth heart rate monitor

  • Link with your smartwatch & Apple devices

Buy from for $179.00!

BTB Sign Gym Timer


Size: 2.3 x 15 x 4.6 inches

Functionality: The countdown timer has 5 different modes (Normal time mode, countdown mode, Count-up mode, stopwatch mode, interval mode.)

Price: $89.00

The BTBSign Gym Timer is a great size and has a good functionality for the gym and is reasonably priced for it's size too.

  • Multifunction Timer

  • Remote Controlled

  • Visible, Easy to see LED

  • Wall Mount and outlet powered

  • Adjustable Brightness

  • Well reviewed and 4 1/2 stars from 244 ratings.

Buy from for $89.00!

Home Gym Timers

Again, these timers will have interval options, count down and count up options too but might not be as big, as they are in smaller spaces than large gyms but will have remote control options too.

Walfront Gym Timer


Size: 2 x 8.2 x 1 inches

Functionality: 12H / 24H Clock, Stopwatch, Countdown/up, Timer

Price: $48.29

The Walfront Gym Timer is a good size for a small home gym and has all the main functions of the gym timers we've seen out there. Counting up, down, interval settings and stopwatch as well as a normal 12 & 24 hour clock.

  • Multifunction Timer

  • Remote Controlled

  • Visible, Easy to see LED

  • Wall Mount and outlet powered

  • Adjustable Brightness

Buy from for $48.29!

Personal Gym Timers

Personal Gym timers will be smaller but have the same functionality of the bigger gym interval timers. The portability of these timers is key as well as being clear enough to see the timing during a CrossFit workout.

LUCORB Gym Timer


Size: 6.3 x 0.9 x 2 inches

Functionality: 7 preset mode options: Tabata, Hiit, EMOM1/2,FGB1/2, 9 customise interval training plans, countdown/up, stopwatch, interval timer,12/24H clock, alarm clock

Price: $39.99

As our top recommended gym timer, the Lucorb gym timer has great functionality and also is portable but clear to follow in the gym too. Not only acting as a normal alarm clock, this timer has a fantastic round visualisation and is magnetic too.

  • Clear icons - Commonly used icons are easy to identify, simply to operate

  • Anti-sweat buttons - The letters on buttons are extremely hard to wear thanks to the high quality UV coating

  • Anti-scratch Screen/Anti-glare Display

  • Enhanced-screen design to extend the durability of the round timer

  • 4 Levels adjustable brightness, digital visible indoor or outdoor

  • Low battery warning - No need to worry about sudden battery failure when you working out

  • Built-in Strong Magnet Strip on Rear - Can be firmly attached to any iron gym equipment

  • Built-in Speaker - Dynamic and realistic voice prompts, but not shrill as buzzer 4 Levels adjustable volume and an OFF option.

Buy from for $39.99!

What makes the best Gym Timer?

There are a few different functionalities of gym timers that make it the best for each of the three categories.


Your gym timer needs to be visible from every corner of the gym. If you're in a CrossFit box and only half of the class can see the timer then you may need to move it to where everyone can see it. It has to be big enough for those at the back of the gym to see the timer.

If you are in a home gym or using the timer for personal use it is a bit easier to place the timer in a position where you can see it so sizing is a bit less of an issue.

Ease of Use

Most timers are placed high on a wall where everyone can see the interval or the time counting down so having a remote or in app functionality to change or set the intervals or specific workout time is really important.

Most timers have remotes where you can easily set the time for each interval but there are some more advanced timers that have an app you can link to, that sets the timer which in some cases is easier to use.


Depending on the size and functionality of your gym timer, pricing can range rom $50-$150. With bigger CrossFit gym timers for boxes or gyms, the price is expected to be more whereas personal gym timers can be around $50 or so.

We wouldn't go under the $40 mark for any gym timers as the quality usually drops quite significantly the lower price you go.

Choosing Your CrossFit Timer

Choosing the right CrossFit timer can help you get a better workout in by helping you with the type of workout you choose. For example you can set your clock up for an AMRAP Timer which is just running a clock to a certain time or you can set your clock for an EMOM Timer which is where you set a one minute interval and an alarm to sound every minute.

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