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How Much Is CrossFit UK?

So you're interested in joining a CrossFit gym in the UK and wondering how much it costs?

CrossFit is fast becoming the fitness program to follow in the United Kingdom with more and more CrossFit gyms popping up in towns and cities across the UK.

However, beginners notice one big flaw in these gyms. They are expensive.

The price for CrossFit gyms around the UK depends on a few things; location, level of service, facilities and of course what you're looking for. For example a Crossfit membership in London or Leeds will differ vastly.

How Much Is A CrossFit Membership In The UK?

The average price of a CrossFit membership in the UK is around £90 per month.

However you can expect to find prices in cities a lot higher than in rural areas. For example CrossFit gym Royal Docks Fitness in London offer an unlimited membership (unlimited classes per week) for £184 per month. Form in Leeds offer an unlimited membership for £130 per month.

More rural CrossFit gyms are of course a lot cheaper with CrossFit Skipton in the north of England costing £70 per month for an unlimited membership and CrossFit Banbury in Oxfordshire only costing £75 per month for an unlimited membership.

As a general rule I would say that in rural, smaller CrossFit gyms, the membership should cost from £70-£100 per month for an unlimited membership and in cities or for larger CrossFit gyms you can expect to see unlimited memberships going from £90 -£150 per month.

Why is CrossFit expensive?

The price of a CrossFit membership in the UK can vary from £70 to £150 per month and compared to a regular gym where the price for a membership is from around £20 - £45 per month, it's quite expensive.

However, with a CrossFit membership you are getting a lot more value. Lets break your membership down if say on average your CrossFit membership costs you £90 per month.

Say you attend CrossFit classes 5 days per week which is typically what you'd see CrossFit athletes do. 5 sessions per week is 20 sessions per month and £90 divided by 20 is £4.50 per class.

If we compare that to a similar class such as a HIIT class or a Spin class where you would expect to pay around £10-£15 per session the CrossFit class actually comes out a lot cheaper.

But why can CrossFit charge so much for a monthly membership over a normal gym? Well the main reason is that CrossFit memberships run through classes.

CrossFit Class Sizes

CrossFit classes are usually only 10-20 people in size meaning that you have a coach watching over your movements and workouts to ensure you're performing them properly and safely. You usually don't have this class size or attention to every athlete in other classes like HIIT or Zumba where the coach is typically doing the same workout as you and cannot come round and offer you specific tips or advice whilst mid workout.

The class sizes also mean you have access to all the equipment in the gym as well as all the space you need.

Professional Coaching

To be a CrossFit coach you need to have your Level 1 CrossFit qualification. This two day, $1000 course is specific to CrossFit classes and only after passing the course can coaches lead and instruct a CrossFit class.

This means that you are paying for a qualified coach and their advice in the CrossFit class so the small class sizes means you can benefit from their expertise.


As one of the most unique and all-encompassing fitness programmes in the world, Crossfit is renowned for it's superior programming.

Each CrossFit gym programmes slightly differently but all to the same standard and thus when you pay for your CrossFit membership you will also have access to this programming which means you don't have to come into the gym to get fitter and healthier.


One of the biggest draws for CrossFit memberships is the incredible community that surrounds you in your class. CrossFit is known for being a tight knit community where everyone encourages others to be the best version of themselves. So whether you're a beginner or an elite athlete, you will find your gym buddies on the sidelines cheering you on!

Is CrossFit worth it?

As a CrossFitter who has tried to do CrossFit workouts in a regular gym, had a CrossFit gym membership and has worked in a gym too I can difinitively say yes.

The benefits you get out of a CrossFit gym in the UK is completely worth the finanical sacrifice of 3 or 4 meals out a month or a new pair of shoes.

Being happier and healthier for £90 a month is totally worth it for me!


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