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CrossFit Workouts For Arms

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Having bigger arms is not essential for CrossFit but boy does it look good. We've taken some of our top CrossFit Workouts For Arms and shared them on this blog to help you grow those peaks and horseshoes.

Why is CrossFit good for arms workouts?

With bodybuilding, isolation of the muscle is key. They usually take their time to really break that single muscle down with loads of different exercises in one session.

CrossFit as I'm sure you'll know will look at working different muscles of the body usually in couplets or triplets or even more in chipper style workouts.

With these CrossFit workouts for arms, we have focussed on the two main muscles in the arms; the biceps and the triceps. Because one is the antagonist for the other, we can employ bodybuilding style workout techniques to really break down the muscle and that will help grow and strengthen your arms.

Beginner CrossFit Workouts For Arms

This CrossFit workout for arms is perfect for those trying to build strength as a beginner, however even if you're the most advanced CrossFit athlete, this will still push you and give you a great pump.

This CrossFit workout for arms is an EMOM workout which means you need to complete the reps every minute on the minute.

16 Minute EMOM

1st Minute - 12 Bench Dips

2nd Minute - 12 DB Hang Cleans (M 22.5kg per DB, F 15kg per DB)

Simple but effective this workout for your arms will really give you a pump and help beginners build strength.

Intermediate CrossFit Workouts For Arms

This workout will help those experienced CrossFitters take their workouts to the next level, helping with muscle ups and cleans.

This Crossfit workout for arms is in a typical CrossFit style rep scheme of 21-15-9, a classic rep scheme that will really push you in the round of 15.


Ring Dips

Barbell Bent Over Row (Heavy at 70kg for Men, 45kg For Women)

The ring dips will not only help with gymnastics but will isolate the Triceps and the bent over rows will isolate the back and the biceps.

Advanced CrossFit Workouts For Arms

If you are a seasoned athlete and want to advance your skills and strength then this is the CrossFit workout for you.

This workout is a chipper style workout so just work through the reps as fast as you can, it will get spicy.

For Time:

60 Ring Rows

50 Bench Dips

40 DB Cleans (22.5kg M, 15kg W)

30 Press Ups

20 DB Bicep Curls (22.5kg M, 15kg W)

10 Muscle Ups

CrossFit Workouts are not known for their muscle building specific nature, and are usually all body or couple or triplet workouts, but these will hopefully build your arms to rival Dan Bailey.

Why train Arms For CrossFit?

Training these CrossFit workouts for arms twice or three times a month will not only build bigger arm muscles but also increase your arm strength as well. Being the major limbs you use in CrossFit, strengthening your arms will provide major transferable benefits to almost all other CrossFit movements.

By improving your arm strength you will improve your grip strength too, helping you grip for toes to bar, deadlifts and farmers walks too.

By improving your bicep strength and mass you will help on major pulling movements like pull ups, rows and even cleans.

Finally by improving your tricep strength you will improve your capability of push ups, burpees and other pushing movements.

CrossFit workouts for arms are a surefire way to build strength and increase your capability across a wide range of movements.

Stuck for workouts or want to follow a competitive Crossfit program? We got you. ⬇️

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