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4 CrossFit Workouts For Beginners

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Get started on your CrossFit journey with these 4 CrossFit workouts for beginners that if you're starting with CrossFit you need to try.

If you are just starting out with CrossFit or are looking to get into the revolutionary fitness programming, then these workouts are for you.

What are CrossFit WODs for Beginners?

CrossFit WODs are defined as workouts of the day that are programmed by every single day of the year. CrossFit programming include high intensity workouts usually done for reps or for time meaning that you can compete with fellow athletes.

CrossFit WODs can be a wide range of workouts including strength workouts, conditioning, skills or even the CrossFit WOD can recommend recovery times too. The whole ideal around this type of programming is that anyone can follow CrossFit programming for free and get a glimpse of how one can be fit and healthy and ready for anything the world can offer.

Many of the best CrossFit wods for beginners will focus on strength, building strength so that athletes can manage basic exercises like push ups, pull ups, squats and deadlifts will pay dividends in gains. In addition to this, the best beginner CrossFit workouts will also rely on improving cardiovascular ability or aerobic capacity, helping athletes complete more work over a longer period of time.

Can beginners do CrossFit WOrkouts?

If you're starting out doing CrossFit for the first time, there are a few things you need to know. Our advice is that you go into your local CrossFit box and speak to one of the coaches about how you can get involved in CrossFit.

If you've done a few sessions and as we see everyday, are thirsty for more, these workouts are perfect for you. They require minimal equipment and the movements are not too complex and definitely something a beginner can do.

CrossFit workouts for beginners will be workouts that include simple movements to ensure that you are working out the different energy systems and muscles effectively. Beginners at CrossFit will often see a huge increase in gains, whether it is strength, power, agility, cardiovascular capability and capacity, more so than seasoned CrossFitters!

Beginners CrossFit Workout 1

3 rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters Rest 2 minutes

Running is one of the simplest fitness exercises and is arguably the best tool to increase fitness, it is self supporting, can be performed at a wide range of intensities and almost everyone can run.

The best wods for beginners in CrossFit usually have a lot of running in them so if running is something you struggle with, these beginner workouts are a great opportunity to get better with.

Beginners CrossFit Workout 2

5 rounds of:

1 minute of dumbbell deadlifts 1 minute of push-ups

Do not rest between rounds.

Dumbell deadlifts are a great transition into barbell deadlifts which can often be intimidating to beginners and can take time to perform correctly.

The best CrossFit wods for beginners will have a lot of body weight workouts to help improve your agility and power.

Beginners CrossFit Workout 3

Tabata burpee Tabata weighted sit-up Tabata kettlebell/dumbbell swing Tabata burpee

The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight intervals. There is no rest between rounds.

Burpees are given a bad rep. A lot of people don't like them but they are a great way to boost your pushing strength and fitness.

With Tabatas, you can use music tracks to time your workout efficiently, just go on Youtube or Spotify and search for Tabata and you should find some great tracks to listen to as you burpee away!

Beginners CrossFit Workout 4

For time, fast and heavy:

21 dumbbell thrusters Run 400 meters 18 dumbbell thrusters Run 400 meters 15 dumbbell thrusters Run 400 meters

If at home, modify with jugs or other heavy objects. Share your at-home modifications, loads, and time in comments.

Thrusters include essential movements used in Olympic lifts and CrossFit classes, the front squat and the push press. Watch out however, this one will get your heart rate elevated quickly!

What are the best CrossFit exercises for beginners?

As shown in the beginner workouts above, the best Crossfit exercises for beginners or those who are starting CrossFit for the first time are the ones which:

  • Have simple movements

  • Include movements and exercises that are fairly low skilled

  • Are not too intense or lengthy

  • Are not too strength focussed or heavy

  • Enable the athlete to go at their own pace

  • Can easily be scaled for different levels of fitness

We know that beginners to CrossFit may need a bit of time to learn all of the movements and exercises that CrossFit workouts include. So having simple movements and exercises that don't include too much skill are ideal for beginners.

Making sure that the workout doesn't knock the athlete for six is also a really important consideration when planning workouts for beginners. This includes the time domain and intensity. We need to ensure that the athletes will come back into the box and is not scared off whilst also giving them a good workout too.

If you are a beginner to CrossFit, it's important to note that almost every single workout is different. You may only ever repeat a workout if you are testing or repeating a workout to see your progress. This means that if you don't like the workout or its not for you, it won't be the same when you come back into the gym tomorrow.

Which Beginner CrossFit WOrkout is your favourite?

Comment below your times and weights if you completed these CrossFit WODS for beginners and if you have any of your own WODs you want to share, suggest them below.

Stuck for workouts that get you stronger, fitter and healthier? We got you.

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