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Welcome to AMRAP Antics!

Hi I am Harry Smith, the creator and editor of AMRAP Antics. I love CrossFit and all things functional fitness. I have been doing CrossFit for over 5 years and it has not only helped my transform my body and approach to fitness but also helped me to build AMRAP Antics.

AMRAP Antics was created to offer further insight into the CrossFit world with CrossFit news, articles, product reviews, workouts and a look at my journey through fitness too.

CrossFit is becoming larger and larger across the globe, establishing itself as the most robust and effective tool for overall health and fitness and part of AMRAP Antics goal is to share the message and spread the word.

The AMRAP Antics blog tries to give fair and honest reviews and news so if there are any inaccuracies please let us know and we will try and fix it straight away.

I try to provide up to date news as well as interesting content for all CrossFitters to enjoy. In addition to this, I also love to share my insight into products I have found or am interested in, I do this in the form of product reviews, where I review and analyse a product I have tried or know of.

If there is any further CrossFit news, product reviews or interesting pieces you would like us to cover, reach out through my instagram or give me a follow on @amrap_harry

Harry Smith

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