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Best CrossFit Jump Ropes For Double Unders

Updated: May 5

There are a few things that you should consider before buying the best jump rope for CrossFit, fitness or your specific workouts.

I am sure that you have tried your local gym or fitness center and noticed dozens of jump ropes hanging on the walls. Most of us at some point will swing our arms around pretending we know what we're doing but we all know how difficult it is to get double unders and even single unders too.

best jump ropes for double unders

In this blog, I will talk through the best jump ropes for functional fitness and where to buy your jump ropes as well as what to look for in the best jump ropes on the market.

What To Look For When Buying a CrossFit Jump Rope

Best Overall CrossFit Jump Rope

Best Value For Money CrossFit Jump Rope

Best For Beginners CrossFit Jump Rope

Best Smart Crossfit Jump Rope

Most Durable CrossFit Jump Rope

Benefits Of Jump Rope Workouts In CrossFit

How To Workout With Jump Ropes

Crossfit Jump Rope Workouts

What to Look For When Purchasing the Best CrossFit Jump Rope For Double Unders

First, take into consideration what you're looking for in a jump rope. Do you want something flashy with metal wire speed handles? Or maybe you want something more suitable to functional fitness training by having natural wood or rubberized grips?

When looking for a jump rope that will work well for CrossFit and functional fitness training there are a few things you want to consider before making your purchase. These considerations should be top of mind when shopping for speed ropes because they correlate with what you're going to get out of the skipping workout:

Weight: When deciding between different ropes, look at how much each weighs because having a lighter set-jump rope, it will be easier to move the jump rope whereas a heavier rope will use more of your shoulder and grip muscles when working out. Most jump ropes are only around 8 oz so they won't add any significant weight to your workout.

Rotating Speed: As well as the weight of the rope, you want to look at how fast or slow it rotates. A slower rotating jump rope is better for beginners while athletes who are more advanced can use a faster rotating speed.

best jump ropes for double unders

Length: Jump ropes come in all different lengths so if you plan on using your rope indoors make sure you get one that will accommodate your height and not drag on the ground. If you're planning on taking your workout outdoors, consider getting a cabled jump rope because these usually don't tangle when used outside and give an added grip when working out in wet (read sweaty) conditions.

Handle: The best handles should be comfortable in your hands and provide good purchase when gripping them to help maintain control and coordination during workouts. Some types of handles include: vinyl covered, cork grips, foam grips with PVC piping inside.

Price: Ropes range in price from $2-$150 dollars , the most important factor when buying a rope is to find one that you're comfortable using and that gives you what you feel like is enough of a workout for the time you're putting into it.

The best fitness ropes for home gyms are those that provide grip with solid handle construction, balance, and durability.

Proper form and technique apply to whatever fitness equipment you're using for your workout regimen, such as how tight the knot is tied at the end of a rope if its adjustable or how long the ropes are used for certain exercises.

CrossFit workouts incorporate the use of different types of equipment including: gymnastic rings, maces, kettlebells, plyo boxes and ropes so having the right gear and not over-exerting yourself can make all the difference in your workouts.

Are you looking for the best CrossFit jump ropes for crossovers too? Check out our guide here.

What are the best CrossFit Jump Ropes to buy?

We have scoured the shelves looking for the best CrossFit Jump Rope for double unders to buy on the internet and have come up with three that we think are amazing:

  1. Best Overall CrossFit Jump Rope - RPM Session4

  2. Best Value For Money CrossFit Jump Rope - WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

  3. Best For Beginners CrossFit Jump Rope - WOD Nation Attack Speed Jump Rope

  4. Best Smart CrossFit Jump Rope - Tangram Smart Rope

  5. Most Durable CrossFit Jump Rope - Velites Fire 2.0 Jump Rope

Best Overall CrossFit Jump Rope

The best overall Jump Rope for functional fitness and CrossFit that we have experienced is the RPM Session4 as used by Functional Bodybuilder and CrossFit Games athlete Marcus Filly. The RPM Session4 is made on Aluminium and comes in a variety of colours, with a 5 year warranty and an extremely durable build. The handles have patented dual-axis rotation so the handles remain fixed on the ends of the cable without any unwanted torque build up. Light weight and fast the RPM Session4 is without a doubt our top pick.

Buy the RPM Session 4



Comes with microfibre bag and adjust tools.

Best Value For Money CrossFit Jump Rope

Our best value for money jump rope is the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope. As well as being a great rope with fast and stable rope, the bearings, handles and cable are all sturdy and durable and hard wearing. Not only is this rope the cheapest of the three at around $14 but it also comes complete with a spare cable!

Easy to adjust and with a durable build, the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is our value for money pick.

Buy WOD Nation S peed Jump Rope



Comes with carry case, spare rope cable and adjusting tools.

Best CrossFit Jump Rope For Beginners

Beginners want a rope that you can pick up and start using straight away, as well as a brand that you know and trust that won't let you down. The WOD Nation Attack Speed Jump Rope is a must have for any fitness enthusiast or Crossfitter. With an enlarged handle and multiple cables, you have ultimate control and the ability to nail the basics quickly. This rope comes with a thick and a thin cable for those who want to adjust the weight of their rope for ease in control, perfect for beginners.

Buy WOD Nation Attack Speed Jump Rope



Comes with thin 2.2mm cable, thick 3.3mm cable, carry case, adjust instructions.

Best Smart CrossFit Jump Rope

If you're struggling to get double unders or want to improve your skipping proficiency than purchasing a smart jump rope is a great way to track your progress. The Tangram Smart Rope comes with a free App where you can track the number of rotations, timings, stopwatch, history and track your workouts as well as being able to share you progress with friends. The rope comes with thick, easy to grip handles as well as a range of sizes. The REALLY cool thing about this rope is that the rope actually lights up and shows your jump count in mid air in front of you as you're skipping. wow.

Buy Tangram Smart Jump Rope



Comes with free app, light up rope with comfort handles.

Most Durable CrossFit Jump Rope

Having a jump rope that you can throw in and out of your bag, keeps together workout after workout and actually retains the spin and integrity of the rope is essential. Velites are known for their durable ropes and the Velites Fire 2.0 is a great choice for veteran CrossFit athletes with a great spin, decent quality rope and easy maintenance. I've personally been using these for 3+ years and haven't had to replace a thing. A top choice.

Buy Velites Fire 2.0 Jump Rope



Comes with carry case, extra long rope (for you to adjust).

What are the benefits of jump rope workouts?

The benefits of using a jump rope for workouts are endless. It's an inexpensive piece of equipment that can keep you in shape and improve your coordination at the same time.

As an exercise, the jump rope is one of the most functional and effective pieces of training equipment that you can add to your home gym. Jumping rope is a total body movement, stimulating both aerobic and anaerobic systems.

Primarily using shoulder and forearms, skipping also uses your legs when jump height is increased.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from jump rope workouts:

- Improved heart and lung function

- Improved coordination

- Burn calories, build cardio endurance

- Improve agility, leg speed, foot speed

How to Workout Using a Rope?

There are so many great exercises you can do with a jump rope, just about anyone can get started doing these simple workouts that will not only increase your fitness but build your skills too.

Once you have your jump rope, simply pick one end of the rope up off the floor between your feet. Jump forward with both feet at the same time into a single under. Swing that same hand back around again as you land on the toes of that opposite foot (you should be standing on opposite feet). Jump again, this time bringing opposite hand forwards as well as the opposite foot. Work on your coordination and for one minute, alternating arms and feet in a simple circular motion.

best jump ropes for double unders

Once you're finished with that move, stand behind the rope and jump into a single under, then immediately jump into a double under . Work on jumping over the rope as quickly as possible after each single until you can get it twice in a row!

Go through this pattern five times so you have ten minutes of intense work which will definitely increase your fitness levels.

So whether you want to gain endurance or improve your skills , there is no better tool than the humble jump rope!

CrossFit Jump Rope Workouts

Workout 1

For Time:

20 Burpees

100 Double Unders

15 Burpees

100 Double Unders

10 Burpees

100 Double Unders

5 Burpees

100 Double Unders

Workout 2

12 Minute AMRAP (As many rounds and reps as possible)

12 Dumbbell Snatch

12 Pull Ups

80 Double Unders

Workout 3

20 minute AMRAP

400 Metre Run

5 Shoulder To Overhead

150 Single Unders

5 Cleans

AMRAP Antics 8 week Crossfit Program.png
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