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7+ Hyrox Workouts You Need To Try

Updated: Jul 13

Looking for a real challenge when it comes to your fitness? Hyrox fitness racing is a great way to add another dimension to your training and we've selected the best Hyrox Workouts for athletes.

What Is Hyrox?

Hyrox has gained global popularity as a unique fitness race combining running and functional strength movements. Hyrox stands out for its 8km run coupled with eight functional workouts. This demanding event requires both strength and running experience for success.

Hyrox Workouts For Athletes

Unlike other fitness programs or challenges (and much like CrossFit) anyone can enter Hyrox with no qualification, skill level or finishing time restriction for entrants.

What is the full Hyrox Workout?

The Hyrox Workout is completed in the following order and with no rest in-between:

  • 1km run

  • 1km ski erg

  • 1km run

  • 50m sled push

  • 1km run

  • 50m sled pull

  • 1km run

  • 80m burpee broad jump

  • 1km run

  • 1km row erg

  • 1km run

  • 200m farmers carry

  • 1km run

  • 100m walking lunges

  • 1km run

  • 100 wall balls

Here at AMRAP Antics we have helped hundreds of athletes improve their fitness and we also help Hyrox athletes crush their goals with our Hyrox Program. The Hyrox Workout is at least an hour long (if you're fast) with the best time around 54 minutes and there are also those who take 4 hours to complete the full workout.

Hyrox has sparked interest in the fitness world and especially in the running world as the event contains so much running. But the runners soon realise why spending time throwing weights around is important in training when they hit the sled push and pull - it's heavy!

Hyrox Training For CrossFit Athletes

CrossFit athletes seeking to enhance their versatility and overall fitness often find value in integrating Hyrox training into their regimen. Hyrox combines running with functional strength movements, aligns seamlessly with the principles of CrossFit. Here's how incorporating Hyrox-specific training can benefit CrossFit enthusiasts.

Understanding the Synergy:

CrossFit and Hyrox share common ground in their emphasis on varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. Both modalities require athletes to excel in endurance, strength, and mental toughness. By blending elements of Hyrox into CrossFit workouts, athletes can achieve a holistic approach to fitness, elevating their performance across various domains.

Key Components of Hyrox Training for CrossFit Athletes:

1. Running Endurance:

CrossFit often involves short, intense bursts of cardio. Hyrox introduces longer-distance running components into the workout, challenging CrossFit athletes to build sustained endurance crucial for overall cardiovascular health.

2. Functional Strength:

Hyrox incorporates functional movements like sled pushes, sled pulls, burpees, and more. These movements enhance muscle engagement, contributing to increased strength and power—attributes vital for excelling in CrossFit workouts.

3. Mental Toughness:

The continuous nature of a Hyrox race, with minimal rest between stations, fosters mental resilience—a quality that directly translates to the rigors of CrossFit competitions. The ability to push through fatigue becomes a valuable asset.

4. Variety in Training:

Hyrox introduces novel challenges, breaking the monotony of traditional CrossFit workouts. This variety not only keeps training engaging but also exposes athletes to different physical demands, promoting well-rounded fitness.

Hyrox Workouts For Athletes

Best Hyrox Workouts You Need To Try

Before you start your Hyrox workout we must highlight that a proper warm-up can help prevent injury and improve your performance, here's an example Warm Up you can use.

Warm-up: Complete 2 rounds:

  • 3 minutes jogging

  • 30-second squat hold

  • 10 air squats

  • 10 side lunges

  • 5 hamstring walkouts

Hyrox Workout 1

3 rounds for time:

  • 500m Ski erg

  • 20 Burpees to Target

  • 500m Run

  • 25m sled push (75kg for women/125kg for men/pro women/175kg for pro men)

  • 500m Row

  • 30 wall balls (4kg for women/6kg for men/pro women/9kg pro men)

Hyrox Workout 2

AMRAP Workout - Complete as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes:

  • 1km Run

  • 50m Sled pull (50kg for women/75kg for men/pro women/125kg for pro men)

  • 50m Double Kettlebell Farmers Carry (16kg for women/34kg for men/pro women/32kg for pro men)

  • 25 Bodyweight Lunges

Hyrox Workout 3

Every 2 minutes for 40 minutes complete:

  • 10 Burpees

  • 15 Wall Balls (4kg for women/6kg for men/pro women/9kg pro men)

  • Max Distance on Rower in remaining time

Hyrox Workout 4

Complete for time:

  • 1km Run

  • 50m Sled Push (75kg for women/125kg for men/pro women/175kg for pro men)

  • 800m Run

  • 50m Sled Pull (50kg for women/75kg for men/pro women/125kg for pro men)

  • 600m Run

  • 50 Wall Balls (4kg for women/6kg for men/pro women/9kg pro men)

  • 400m Run

  • 50 Burpees to Target

  • 200m Run

  • 50m Double Kettlebell Farmers Carry (16kg for women/34kg for men/pro women/32kg for pro men)

Hyrox Workout 5

Machine Conditioning - Complete 3 rounds of:

  • 1km Row

  • 1km Ski-Erg

  • 500m Run

Hyrox Workout 6

Strength Workout - Complete all reps and rounds with 3 minutes rest inbetween each round.

  • Barbell Thrusters - 5 sets of 5 reps. 3 mins rest between each set. Go as heavy as you can, take your time with this movement and focus on strength.

  • Suitcase Deadlift - 5 sets of 5 reps. 3 mins rest between each set. Go as heavy as you can, either use very heavy dumbbells, kettlebells or load up two bars and hold one in each hand.

  • Back Squat - 5 sets of 5 reps. 3 mins rest between each set. Go as heavy as you can, take your time with this movement and focus on strength.

Hyrox Workout 7

Complete as many reps and rounds as you can in 60 minutes.

  • 500m Run

  • 50 Weighted Lunges

  • 500m Run

  • 500m Ski Erg

  • 500m Run

  • 30 Burpee Broad Jumps

  • 500m Run

  • 50 Wall Balls

  • 500m Run

  • 50m Sled Push

  • 500m Run

  • 50m Sled Pull

Hyrox Workouts For Athletes

Crushing the Hyrox Race

Our top advice for athletes training for Hyrox is to incorporate variety of workouts into your schedule, ensure there's lots of running but also lots of strength too. Runners tend to coast through the first few portions of the race and then get buried by the sled push and pull so don't underestimate your weights.

Also, keep your training fun! It's a great fitness challenge but also a chance to meet similar like minded people who love pushing themselves and after all it is great fun!

Hyrox Workout Program

If you're looking for a Hyrox Training Program to help you build to your next race, check out our range of fitness programs here.

Recovery for Your Hyrox Training

Hyrox training pushes your body and mind to the limit.  While those intense workouts are crucial for building endurance and strength, prioritizing recovery is equally important. By incorporating effective recovery strategies, you'll bounce back faster, minimize injury risk, and approach each training session feeling primed to perform.

Here are the top tips from our Hyrox Coach to improve your recovery when training for Hyrox:

Immediately After Your Hyrox Workout:

  • Active Recovery:  A short period (15-20 minutes) of low-impact movement like walking or light cycling helps flush lactic acid and improve circulation, aiding muscle recovery.

  • Replenish Fluids and Electrolytes:  Rehydrate with water or an electrolyte-rich beverage to replace fluids lost through sweat.

Hyrox Nutrition:

  • Focus on Protein: Aim for 20-30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of your workout to kickstart muscle repair. Lean meats, fish, eggs, and dairy are all excellent options.

  • Carbs for Glycogen Replenishment: Don't forget carbohydrates! They replenish glycogen stores used for energy during training. Choose complex carbs like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Healthy Fats: Include healthy fats like those found in nuts, seeds, and avocados to support overall health and hormone regulation.

Optimize Sleep for Peak Recovery:

  • Aim for 7-8 Hours: Adequate sleep is vital for muscle repair and cognitive function. Strive for 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night.

  • Create a Sleep Sanctuary: Ensure your bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet to promote restful sleep.

Additional Recovery Techniques:

  • Foam Rolling and Self-Massage: Regularly using a foam roller or massage gun on tight muscles can improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.

  • Contrast Therapy: Alternating hot and cold showers or baths can help reduce inflammation and promote muscle healing.

By incorporating these recovery strategies into your routine, you'll be well on your way to conquering your Hyrox training and reaching your full potential on race day. Have fun!


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