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Danielle Brandon's Mouthpiece: What Is an AirWaav and Where Can I buy One?

Danielle Brandon is one of CrossFit's rising stars and is well on her way to becoming a hot contender for the top spot. She features regularly a mouthpiece when lifting or working out but we wondered what it is?

This mouthpiece that looks like a football gumshield is actually an AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece which according to their own research gives a 20% reduction in respiratory rate resulting in less lactic acid and a 50% reduction in cortisol improving recovery time and increases muscular endurance.

The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece directs your tongue down and forward and when you gently bite down, it creates the optimal airway opening.

Why wear Danielle Brandon's Mouthpiece?

The AirWaav can help in sports performance and recovery by increasing the amount of air you breathe in during a workout.

The mouthpiece positions your jaw and tongue in the best position to help you breathe more efficiently and increase the amount of air you receive for CrossFit and other high-intensity interval training exercises.

CT scans have shown that a mouthpiece increases the breadth of your airways by 9 percent, according to AIRWAAV. Simply put, the more air you can bring in, the more oxygen your cells receive.

Optimal breathing can help improve endurance and build a higher pain threshold while reducing levels of cortisol, which is a major stress hormone.

Mouthpieces also have been used to treat diseases such as sleep apnea and snoring problems. It's even been shown that a person's mood improved after wearing one for just three weeks. Personal trainers often recommend that their athletes use them during training sessions because they may help increase strength since it forces your muscles to work harder for longer periods of time by delivering oxygen-rich blood to them quicker.

In addition, Brandon has had teammates wear mouthpieces on long workouts where breathing was restricted from gear or from being slowed down by other teammates etc.

Where to buy the AIRWAAV Mouthpiece?

The AIRWAAV Mouthpiece is available to buy from Amazon with next day delivery (depending on location) for only $39.99.

comes with Plastic Carry Case

Are there other mouthpieces available?

Yes there are a few other performance mouthpieces available , but many other companies are known to use the AIRWAV patented technology and are used by Powerlifters and CrossFitters too.

Our other recommended Mouthpiece is the New Age Performance Mouthpiece which actually comes in various styles and designs, (Spiderman, Punisher, Captain America, Deadpool) and a variety of colours too which employ similar technology to the AIRWAAV but for a cheaper price.

In a range of designs, comes with plastic carry case.

Who is Danielle Brandon?

Danielle Brandon was 13th in the 2021 CrossFit Games and currently stands in 56th in 2022 and is looking to make a run for the podium for the NoBull CrossFit Games.

Brandon is from the US and is still only 25 with so much ahead of her. She made a real impact last year at the Games and has amassed a 455k following on Instagram as well as some serious fitness competition accolades.

She has a background in track and field and competed in the Pole Vault when she was younger with her ever glowing competitive spirit.


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