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The Best Fitness Sunglasses For Athletes!

Updated: Jun 18

Summer is in full flow and many athletes across the globe are showing off in new sunglasses from different brands, all with funky, large lenses and bold colours.

We're here to show you which athletes are wearing which sunglasses and where you can buy sunglasses. We've also suggested alternative Fitness sunglasses as some of these are quite pricey.

The Best Sunglasses CrossFit Athletes Wear!

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Sunglasses For Working out

As the sun shines outside many gyms all over the globe, the need for sunglasses for working out has never been higher and with sunglasses brands growing into the functional fitness industry we've seen many more athletes being sponsored today.

But why do you need sunglasses for working out?

Well you might find traditional sunglasses to be

  • Less comfortable on your face when sweating or as your body temperature rises

  • Not designed to hold on to your face as you run, jump, lift and move

  • Only block out part of the sun with smaller frames

  • Less likely to offer UV protection

  • Boring in style and design!

Sunglasses for Fitness seem to have solved these issues by coming up with some radical designs for athletes.

For example, Blenders Eyewear have come up with some really bold designs and have partnered with athletes like the Buttery Bros to promote their sunglasses.

What are the best Fitness Sunglasses?

We've gone through the various different brands and athletes out there with their Sunglasses for athletes and have picked out the ones we like the best, just for you.

Buttery Bros Sunglasses

The famous Buttery Bros pair, Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon wear A LOT of sunglasses. That's because they're sponsored by Blenders Eyewear! They go through loads of pairs almost every episode!

The Best Sunglasses CrossFit Athletes Wear!


Going places? Dark Bloom,’ part of the ‘Exposé’ collection, are wraparound sunglasses that put you in high gear. The smoke PureBlend lens comes either polarized or non-polarized (your choice!) and offers superior optical color and clarity. Plus, the semi-rimless frame is lightweight, durable, and finished in matte rubberized black. //

The Best Sunglasses CrossFit Athletes Wear!


Future Ruler is made to help you bring your best. Part of the ‘Exposé’ collection, these oversized wraparound sunglasses sport a sunset rainbow PureBlend lens for all-world optical color, clarity, and durability. And with your choice of polarized or non-polarized, these are the sports shades that ready you for everything that’s ahead. //

Mat Fraser Sunglasses

Mat Fraser is classic in his tastes and just wears a classic wayfairer and you can get a pair from Blenders Eyewear or alternatively just from Amazon!

The Best Sunglasses CrossFit Athletes Wear!


In space, no one can hear you scream. But here on Earth, the oohs, ahhs, and general fanfare from all those that see you sport the ‘Deep Space Polarized X2’ shades is gonna be heard loud and clear. Get ready to pull everyone around you into your orbit with these lookers, which seem doused in an aesthetic ripped from a black hole (if such a thing were possible). The matte black frame and polarized smoke lenses are matched with stealthy gunmetal temple stripes for a style that’s positively stellar. //

The Best Sunglasses CrossFit Athletes Wear!

zenottic sunglasses

  • Carbon fiber temple TR90 frame

  • Tri Acetate Cellulose lens

  • Polarized

  • Lens width: 58 millimeters

  • Bridge: 16 millimeters

Great option for those who want style but don't want to pay so much!

Fitness Sunglasses Without Frames or Large Frames

We've seen a load more sunglasses for athletes without frames that are becoming more and more popular with athletes. We think this is because not only do they look good but also they protect the eyes better from the sun and they stay on the face more.

Fitness Sunglasses without frames often look way better than traditional sunglasses so we think they're the next big thing!

The Best Sunglasses CrossFit Athletes Wear!


Set the pace with the fast-lane fashion of ‘Saturn Cloud.’ These wraparound sunglasses—Blenders’ first—represent the perfect fusion of activewear and lifestyle design. They deliver full face protection and polarized lenses for enhanced clarity, putting you at your best every time out. And the colorway crushes it, with an extraordinary half-transparent clear frame, two-tone temples, and glowing orange lens. You’re about to set a personal record for style! //

The Best Sunglasses CrossFit Athletes Wear!


Get the same outlandish style as the Blenders Eyewear sunglasses but at half the price. These sunglasses come in a range of different colours and come with a change of lenses for a variety of sports with a durable and strong-wearing frame.

Style without the big budget!

The Best Sunglasses CrossFit Athletes Wear!


Life should be a rush—and ‘Jet Line’ undoubtedly puts you in the fast lane. The wraparound design is made for active pursuits, with a matte rubberized black nose pad for comfort and a polarized smoke lens for enhanced visibility. The look is damn stealthy, but with a twist—subtle satin metallic black paint cascades over both the frame and temples for a sheen that plays with the light as you surge to victory over the day. //


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