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AMRAP Antics Founder Harry Smith
AMRAP Antics In The Gym

I created Amrap Antics as a blog that talks about the antics of Crossfitters, offering nutrition advice, workout tips, recovery help and a place where you can follow my own personal fitness journey.


My name is Harry Smith and I started CrossFit around 10 years ago through a gym in Leeds, UK.


Since then I have built of years and years of experience in different CrossFit Boxes and gyms around Leeds, done a few races, competed in a couple of local competitions and overall have gotten fitter and healthier as a result of CrossFit. 

I have recently passed my Level 2 Qualification as a Fitness Instructor (NASM, Premium Global) so you can be rest assured that the content I am putting out there is backed by training. 


Give me a follow through my Instagram below @amrapantics or comment on one of my blogs to ask me a question or get in touch. 


I also sometime review fitness products to share my experiences with them. If you would like to get in touch about reviewing your product get in touch through Instagram. 

In my day job I run a marketing consultancy in Yorkshire but also I am part of a business that sells resistance bands in the UK too. 

After playing rugby for over 13 years, I was tired of putting my body on the line so ventured out into non-contact sports like cycling, surfing, windsurfing and running too. 

I once cycled for 2 months around France as a "holiday" just for fun! However, now I am settled here up in Yorkshire I still cycle but also supplement that with CrossFit. 

I am so lucky that Leeds and Yorkshire have a great CrossFit community with a load of gyms local to me as well as my closest gym, which happens to be an Anytime Fitness gym. As I am a level 2 fitness instructor I work there on the weekends too, to get my fitness fix! 

I am looking to get my CrossFit Level 1 soon and hopefully become a CrossFit coach as a result of that but for the time being I will just write as much as I can about CrossFit. 

I love learning more about what the body can do and how CrossFit as a sport is developing in its infancy so I will try to keep this blog going for as long as I can, if you do want to support me and the blog you can purchase a Heckin Fit Resistance band here

I am also a massive advocate for Keelo programming so if you want to join them, please do so here

Thanks for reading and keep on fitnessing! 

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