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CrossFit patches are a great way to customise your bags, vests, t-shirts, clothing and accessories with your favourite slogan, saying or even funny phrases. 

Most of the existing CrossFit patches have flags and military identification but we have gathered a wider range of patches for CrossFit athletes to get fun and funky with their gear! 

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What are the different types of CrossFit Patches? 

There are a few different types of Crossfit patches you can buy to accessorise your gear. 

Velcro patches or hook and loop patches can be stuck onto any hook and loop surface like your bag or rucksack or even weighted vest. 

Fabric patches are designed to be sewn on to your apparel, bags or gear. Although they are usually the cheaper option, these embroidered patches need a bit more work to attach them to your items. 

Finally, Iron On Patches can be attached to your items by using an iron or heat gun. 

All of these types of CrossFit patches are embroidered and can be purchased by shops worldwide. Because they are easy to ship and fairly cheap, they are a good option to customise your CrossFit gear. 


Back in 2018 when I was getting into CrossFit I saw these military style bags with flags and slogans on and I thought to myself that I needed one of those and had massive FOMO. 

When I ordered my CrossFit backpack I thought to myself it looked a bit basic and had the idea to find some of the CrossFit patches I saw all those years ago but all I could find were the flags or logos. 

I then started looking for funny and interesting CrossFit patches and so the idea was born to start an inventory of all the cool patches I could find. 

Buttery Bros CrossFit Patch.webp

CUSTOM CrossFit Patches? 

We at AMRAP Antics understand the CrossFit community has been crying out for some fun and funky patches to customise their bags, vests and apparrel so we have created some custom CrossFit patches to share with you. 

Our Custom CrossFit Patches are easy to attach to your gear and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to fit onto your gear easily. 

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