The BEST CrossFit Backpacks For Athletes

Updated: 2 days ago

CrossFit athletes often carry a lot of gear for the myriad of workouts they do. We've picked out the best CrossFit Backpacks on the market today!

Whether you're carrying your grips, lifting shoes, belts or your meal prep food, then you need a backpack or gym back that can fit all you need in - and also look cool too!

There are a few different types of CrossFit Gym Bags out there at the moment some more expensive than others and some a lot better quality too.

We've picked out our top picks looking at quality, price and how much they can carry too!

Types of CrossFit Backpacks

Best Military Style CrossFit Backpacks

Built For Athletes Hero 2.0 Large Gym Backpack

The Built For Athletes Hero 2.0 Large Gym Backpack is one of the best CrossFit bags we've seen on the market today. With a large 45 litre capacity, endless pockets and compartments and an incredibly durable exterior, this is our top pick. Sturdy zips, extra pockets for bottles and storing smaller items as well as a velcro front for all your favourite CrossFit patches, this really is the ultimate CrossFit backpack.



✅ 45L capacity with 2 bottle holders

🚩 Priced at $125 / £90

✅ Durable Material and Zips

✅ Opens Up 180 Degrees for Access

Reebok Training Day CrossFit Backpack

We all know that Reebok is one of the biggest brands in CrossFit, sponsoring the CrossFit Games for many years before NoBull so you know this Backpack is durable and uses high quality materials with a load of extra compartments and pockets.



✅ High Quality & reputable brand

🚩 Only 28L capacity

✅ Side and Internal compartments

✅ External hook-and-loop patch for badges

BQT&QY 45L Tactical CrossFit Backpack

TheQT&QY 45L Tactical Backpack is a great, cost effective alternative to the Built For Athletes bag with virtually the same functionality but without the price tag. Although, the quality of the hardware like the zips and straps as well as the durability of the fabric may be slightly less. However, the reviews say this bag is amazing, with over 3,000 views and an average of 5 Stars it's well worth a look.



✅ 45L capacity with multiple pockets

🚩 Durability is questionable

✅ Cheap at $40

✅ Opens Up 180 Degrees for Access

Best Roll Top CrossFit Backpacks

Nike Sport CrossFit Backpack

The Nike Roll Top Sport Backpack is not only functional but looks great too!

With a huge compartment for all your gear with a bottle pocket, front compartment and side & top carry handle, this Nike backpack is perfect for the gym.



​✅ Best Looking CrossFit bag

🚩 Priced at $159

✅ Durable Material and Zips

🚩 30L Capacity

✅ Side Bottle Holder

Best Designer CrossFit Backpacks

Reebok UBF Nano CrossFit Backpack

The UBF Nano Backpack is made with durable recycled materials to help athletes keep organized, efficient and durable. Multiple pockets make sure everything has its spot as well as a "wet" compartment for sweaty or dirty sneakers as well as water bottle side pockets for your post workout shake!



​✅ Looks great!

🚩 Priced at $120

✅ Durable Material and Zips

🚩 30L Capacity

✅ Large Pockets

Best Canvas CrossFit Backpacks

BAOSHA Canvas Duffle CrossFit Bag

This Canvas Backpack & Duffle Bag from BAOSHA is a great alternative to a military or roll top design. With the most space of the bags we've reviewed, this backpack can also be turned into a duffle bag too.

Made from a sturdy and durable canvas and a large space for all your CrossFit kit, this is a great choice (especially at only $38.99).



​✅ Largest Capacity Crossfit Bag

🚩 Style isn't great

✅ Durable Canvas Material and Zips

✅ Turns into duffle bag with straps

What makes the best CrossFit Backpacks?

Backpacks for CrossFit athletes needs to have a few key functionalities that you might not find on other normal backpacks or bags.

CrossFit athletes tend to be prepared for anything and therefore will need lots of space to carry all their gear and it helps to keep them in separate compartments too. A typical CrossFitter might be carrying lifting shoes, a skipping rope, hand grips, a lifting belt, a water bottle, knee sleeves, a change of clothes, finger tape, a massage gun, etc and therefore needs a backpack that can hold these items and in an organised way.

We think there are a few components that make the best CrossFit Backpack:

  • Size - We're always looking for a bag that can fit all our CrossFit gear in so size is a big factor.

  • Durability - We're going to be using our gym bag on a daily basis and need a bag that can deal with our chalky and sweaty lifestyles.

  • Style - We also want to look good in and out of the gym so style is also important to us.

  • Price - The biggest factor in choosing the best CrossFit gym bag is price.

  • Functionality - We also want a bag that has features that are useful to us, like a bottle holder or shoe compartment.