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5 Best At Home CrossFit Abs Workouts

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Stuck at home with lockdown but want to work on your abs? Want to know how to get CrossFit Abs? Check out our 5 best at home CrossFit Abs Workouts that can help build your 6-pack abs as well as reveal them too.

We know that at home you may have minimal or no equipment at all so on our CrossFit Abs Workouts we have gone equipment free! All you need is yourself, a bottle of water and maybe a yoga mat or towel to offer cushion from the floor you use.

CrossFit Abs workouts can help reveal your 6-pack abs whilst in lockdown so you can get back into the gym with something to show for it.

Why CrossFit for Abs Workouts?

CrossFit is a great way of building your capacity using multiple different energy systems as well as activating different movement planes using your abs. Within the 5 at home CrossFit abs workouts we think are the best, you can see the different energy systems as well as the different planes that will be mobilised.

In addition to that, we know that CrossFitters like to take their top off more than any other sport so be prepared with these ab workouts!

CrossFit Abs Workout 1

With this workout, it is an AMRAP which means as many reps as possible, so keep going with the abs exercises throughout the 12 minutes.

12 Minute AMRAP:

10 Sit Ups

10 V-Ups

16 Russian Twists (No Weight)

10 Leg raises

Record how many reps you completed within the 12 minute workout so you can measure yourself when you do the workout again to track your progress.

CrossFit Abs Workout 2

With this workout we have incorporated some aerobic work, these will not only help activate your core and your abs throughout the workout but also will help reveal your abs by burning more calories throughout the workout.

3 rounds for time:

400 metre run

40 Sit Ups

This CrossFit Abs Workout may take a little more time than other workouts but you'll certainly see the benefits.

CrossFit Abs Workout 3

This workout requires something to hand off, like a bar or a ledge that you can hold because of the toes to bar movement. If you don't have this you can substitute the movement for a V-Up.

4 Rounds of:

45 seconds toes to bar

45 seconds L-Sit Hold

45 seconds plank

45 seconds rest

This workout is also great as it has the best CrossFit Abs Workout exercise ever, rest!

Crossfit Abs Workout 4

With this workout we have combined holds and movements to help activate all the ab muscles.

For Time:

25 Sit Ups

30 Second Plank

20 Sit Ups

30 Second Plank

15 Sit Ups

30 Second Plank

10 Sit Ups

30 Second Plank

5 Sit Ups

30 Second Plank

This Abs Workout is a burner but thankfully the more you do the quicker you go, rounds 3-4 will hurt the most!

CrossFit Abs Workout 5

This final workout will really sort the wheat from the chaff! It is supposed to be long and hard so dig in and crack on!

10 rounds of:

10 Sit Ups

20 Russion Twists

10 V-Ups

20 Mountain Climbers

10 Leg Raises

20 Flutter Kicks

Benefits of CrossFit Abs Workouts

If you current do CrossFit classes, CrossFit Abs Workouts are a great way to strengthen your core to help condition your body to build your core strength and endurance to do better in the wods that include abs movements like toes to bar, sit ups or ball slams.

Not only that but CrossFit Abs Workouts helps to strengthen your core overall. The core is used in almost every movement within CrossFit (apart from Bicep curls 😂).

Deadlifts, Cleans, Pull-Ups even burpees, the core is such an essential part of any CrossFitter so adding in CrossFit Abs Workouts will really help in every movement in CrossFit workouts.

Want more ideas for workouts to get you fitter, stronger and healthier? We got you!

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