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The Best 15 Minute CrossFit Workouts

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

CrossFit workouts are a great way to get in shape. If you are pressed for time, you can do a quick, effective 15 minute CrossFit workout that will supply the same benefits as doing longer workouts would.

You deal with the same intensity, increased heart rate and burning calories, but in a smaller amount of time. Make sure that you work up correctly by doing some light cardio, muscle activation and movement specific exercises.

What are the different types of CrossFit Workouts?

CrossFit workouts are usually categorised by the style or type of exercises included in them. Different types of CrossFit workouts include:

  • AMRAP Workouts - Meaning as many reps as possible of the prescribed movements in the designated times.

  • EMOM Workouts - These are performed Every Minute On the Minute, where you complete the movements then rest in the remainder of the minute (if you have time!)

  • Chipper Workouts - These usually have no time limit but will have a series of movements (sometimes in an ascending or descending rep range) that you complete all the way through.

  • For Quality Workouts - Usually used for functional bodybuilding, for quality workouts are used to build muscle, strength or skill for specific muscle groups where rest and set time is unmonitored.

On large benefit of CrossFit workouts is that they are scalable to any fitness level, from a beginner to an elite athlete. A workout can be modified with different movements and weights accordingly so anyone can do it!

CrossFit is usually done as group classes which means you'll have some fun people working out beside you but if you are looking for some 15 minute CrossFit Workouts to do on your own or with a partner, try these ones on for size.

These quick CrossFit workout should take you 15-20 minutes to complete, but make sure you warm up correctly. To warm up you can do this workout

15 Minute CrossFit Workouts: Warm up/Workout

Start by doing 5 minutes on some cardio machine or running outside. You can even do jumping jacks or walk around your room for this much time.

After the 5 minutes, move into muscle activation movements for about 1 minute (you can google these - they should be common). Do 10 of each, holding for 2 seconds at the max contraction point.. Use light weight if necessary to complete this. If you don't have weights available, no worries! Just use your bodyweight.

15 Minute CrossFit Workouts

1) 100 Power Cleans For Time at 60kg (m)/ 40kg (f)

Power cleans are a strength exercise that will help you to get ready for other CrossFit exercises. It targets your core and other muscles in your body by using the power of the hips and lower body. This is not an easy movement so take some time to practice before trying this Crossfit workout .

To do it, stand with your feet hip width apart, bend down with open hands almost touching the ground, tighten your core and launch upwards explosively until the bar reaches shoulder level. Make sure you keep tight throughout this motion.

Once at shoulder level pause for a moment then drop into a squat position with your back arched downward. Then explode upwards again until you are standing upright with your knees locked out properly. You can then either drop the weight or keep your hands on the bar and touch and go.

2) 15 Minute EMOM

On the minute every minute complete 5 Burpees and 5 Pull Ups. Complete for 15 Rounds.

3) 15 Minute AMRAP

10 Kettlebell Swings

15 Push Ups

30 Reverse Lunges.

This AMRAP CrossFit workout is sure to work the full body in both strength, muscle endurance and cardio. Be sure to pace yourself at the start and push through to the end!

4) 15 Minute Chipper Workout

For time complete:

40 Toes to Bar

20 Dumbbell Push Press

60 Dumbbell Box Step Overs

20 Dumbbell Push Press

40 Wall Balls

20 Dumbbell Push Press

60 Burpees

This one is long and painful so keep going and aim for under 15 minutes!

Feeling stuck as to what workouts to do or what program to follow? We got you!

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