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Best Parallettes For CrossFit In 2022

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Discover the best parallettes for CrossFit in 2022 - REVIEWED

If you’re serious about increasing your gymnastic abilities in CrossFit, finding the best parallettes is essential. Our full list of the best parallettes for CrossFit in 2022 takes you through our top picks and where to buy them.

Parallettes are ideal for those interested in gymnastics, callisthenics and CrossFit, being the perfect tool to use both at home and in the gym. Surprisingly simple but powerfully effective there are so many different uses for parallettes for both the average and elite CrossFit athletes.

Once you've found the best parallettes, you'll discover they are so versatile and one of the most effective gymnastic pieces of equipment. A lot of the time, they are small and easy to transport, with many packing down to fit in your gym bag.

Parallettes are the key to a really effective at-home gymnastics or CrossFit workout but they can also help you improve your balance and core strength too.

So, stop trying to push two chairs together, balance on books or boxes and check out the best parallette bars money can buy.

We have ranked and reviewed the best parallettes for CrossFit and picked our top 5 favourites just for you.

Which are the best parallettes for CrossFit?

We found that the Gravity Fitness Paralettes were our top pick for the best parallettes for CrossFit. You can buy them through the Amazon below or carry on reading our ratings to find out more why we liked them so much

Gravity Fitness Parallettes

Buy Gravity Fitness Parallettes


[Doing CrossFit SLIPS? Check out what SLIPS mean in CrossFit here. ]

What makes the best parallettes for CrossFit? 

Balance is a crucial skill to have in CrossFit workouts. Tools like CrossFit SLIPS can help improve your balance and core strength which will not only help in day-to-day life but also turns the average Joe into a great gymnast.

When performing SLIPS in CrossFit, you may need parallettes for L-Sits and other movements like inverted parallette handstands. There are a few attributes you need to look for when choosing your parallettes for CrossFit.

We also look for the different materials used in the parallettes too. Wooden parallettes are popular with gymnasts and so are brushed/sprayed metal bars as well.

We are looking for a set of parallettes that can be set up easily, that doesn't require too much effort to set up or take down again but when set up feels sturdy enough to take our weight.

In addition to this, we want good clearance from the parallette bar to the ground so we can perform as many movement as possible with the one set of parallettes.

As we go through our list, our top qualities for the best parallettes for CrossFit are:

  • Quality look and feel

  • Non-slip bar and grip surface

  • Anti-slip contact with ground

  • Good ground clearance

  • Transportability

Explore the 4 best parallettes for CrossFit here:

1. Gravity Fitness Parallettes

🔥The ultimate parallettes

Gravity Fitness Parallettes in Use

The Gravity fitness parallettes have a sturdy base that as of 2020 have been re-designed to reduce any wobble, giving full confidence to CrossFitters and gymnasts alike.

In addition to the sturdy 20 centimetre wide base, the 38mm handles are perfect for CrossFitters to grip and balance. Ensuring that when working out with parallettes you stay in the same position and don't fall.

Our Top Pick For Parallettes For CrossFit

The powder coated matt black steel bars not only look great but are the perfect hight to perform all of your gymnastic, calisthenic and CrossFit exercises to improve your balance and strength, whether l-sitting or handstanding. The powder coated steel is a great surface to grip as it's durable and works well with chalk.

In our opinion, the Gravity Fitness Parallettes are the best for the money and perfect for CrossFit workouts and gymnastic practice.



✅Perfect Sizing

✅Simple, Effective Design

✅Lifetime Warranty


❌Medium Price

Buy Gravity Fitness Parallettes


2. Mirafit Mini Parallettes

✅Maximum comfort

Mira Fit Parallettes

The Mirafit Mini Parallettes will provide maximum comfort when performing any movement. The powder coated steel frame has cushioned grips to help perform any parallette movement in comfort.

With sturdy, welded feet, you know you can rely on the Mirafit parallettes with easy and quick assembly, great for home CrossFit workouts or on the go.

At around a similar price range to other parallettes, these are a good option with a good amount of ground clearance for your workouts too. With the heavy duty rubber feet and rubber grips, theres no way you can slip on these.


✅Sturdy Design

✅Easy Assembly

✅Anti Slip Features


❌Small Grip Space

Mirafit Mini Parallettes


What to look for when buying the best parallettes

When we evaluate the best parallettes for CrossFit, Gymnastics or for calesthenics, we need to evaluate a few factors in both the quality, appearance, durability and ease of portability with every parallette we look at.

Firstly, when looking for the best parallette bars we need to take a look at the materials used. We want a sturdy and durable bar to grip as well as something that doesn't wobble or move as we perform our movements too.

We need our parallettes to be able to withstand the weight of any athlete no matter the size or weight so sturdiness and durability is key. We also like to workout on something that looks good as well as performs well so we take appearance into account too.

In addition to these and maybe most importantly, the best parallettes will be great value for money. There are some expensive options out there which is why many make DIY Parallettes because essentially parallettes are bars held off of the ground, so we don't want to be paying through the nose for good parrallette bars.

What are the benefits of using Parallette bars

Parallette bars can help strengthen your core, shoulders and many more when used in workouts and can also be used to train complex gymnastics movements too.

In addition to this, using parallette bars as opposed to fixed bars in the gym helps you get your workout in any time in any place! The best parallette bars are portable and pack down to help you take them anywhere to get your parallette workout in.

The Best Parallette bars

These are our top picks for the best parallettes for CrossFit. Having reviewed each set we recommend the Gravity Fitness Parallettes for CrossFit workouts, whilst we know that all the others are great options too!

We found that parallettes that are easy to assemble and store away are great for at home CrossFit workouts. Not only can they provide a quick and easy workout but are great for improving your calisthenic and gymnastic skills - something all the best parallettes should offer. Find your best parallettes for CrossFit from our list and improve your skills. You can buy each parrallette set through the Amazon links provided so let us know how you are using your parallettes today through the comments below.

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