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The Best CrossFit YouTube Channels To Subscribe To 2022 Update

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

So you're getting into CrossFit. You're buying all the gear, speaking the lingo, (Like WOD, SLIPS and DOMS) and now you're watching all the YouTube Videos.

Check out our list of the best CrossFit YouTube Channels updated for 2022 you should subscribe to if you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete in CrossFit.

Youtube has been a great resource of useful and fun content for CrossFitters all over the world and it is certainly a growing medium in the CrossFit community.

1. Fra5er

Number one on this list HAS to be the 5 time fittest man on earth Mat Fraser's CrossFit Youtube Channel. Since his retirement back in January 2021, Mat Fraser has been putting videos and content out for us all to enjoy.

Mat Frasers CrossFit YouTube Channel has recently featured a gym tour, workouts and of course his partner Sammy too. We are expecting to see a lot more amazing YouTube content from Mat Fraser, the GOAT.

2. The Buttery Bros

Formerly CrossFit HQ Staff, Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon bring a whole new energy to CrossFit on YouTube and rub shoulders with the biggest names in CrossFit (Like Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey to name a few) to provide awesome content every CrossFitter will love!

Sawyers and Cannon are film makers with an impressive resumé including Froning, Decade of Fitness, The Redeemed and The Dominant and The Fittest. Legendary figures in the CrossFit community, we love that they are able to create content regularly for all to enjoy.

3. Armen Hammer TV

Armen Hammer is a CrossFit YouTuber who has the gift of the gab! He has the inside scoop to the latest CrossFit News, Information and Insights of all the latest.

A real good one to watch if you like numbers, up to date news and geeking out over CrossFit.

4. Team Richey

Craig and Jas are CrossFit YouTube legends. Hailing from the UK, this duo have travelled the world delivering "sick content" by vlogging some of the biggest events and day-to-day CrossFitting.

Rubbing shoulders with some of the fittest on earth, Team Richey get access to some incredible places and people and of course we get to see some unreal fitness too.

5. CrossFit HQ

This would be an incomplete CrossFit YouTube list without mentioning the CrossFit HQ YouTube Channel. Packed with useful movement tips, recipes, lectures and learning about CrossFit and keeping healthy.

CrossFit HQ also put out some incredible hype Games footage and stories about real life Crossfitters.

6. WOD Prep is a great channel that gives a load of movement coaching and advice for those wishing to master CrossFit, from double unders to olympic lifting this page and their website is really useful for all CrossFitters.

7. Jacob Heppner

There are a tonne of CrossFit Games Athletes on YouTube but Jacob has great content and posts twice weekly! Packed full of WODS, Games Prep and gossip too. A must follow for all CrossFitters.

CrossFit YouTube channels are a great way to see a glimpse into some of the most elite athletes in the world's lives as well as workouts, nutrition advice and CrossFit News.

If you are new to CrossFit you can check out our blog on how to start CrossFit here or check out our 7 best CrossFit workouts to do at home.

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