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What Does WOD Mean In CrossFit?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

What does WOD mean in CrossFit? If you're starting on your CrossFit Journey or learning more about Crossfit before you start you might have heard the word WOD being used.

WOD stands for Workout of the Day

Because of the unique programming of they post a different workout every single day of the year. WOD refers to the workout today from CrossFit or from your local box.

You can check out todays WOD or Workout of the Day here. Check out more definitions in like SLIPS in CrossFit here.

Why are WODs so important in CrossFit?

CrossFit Workouts change every single day as is the nature of CrossFit programming. You might see a long running workout on one day and the next you're doing some heavy powerlifting but then the next day you might be doing some gymnastics work.

CrossFit's training methodology prepares athletes to be fit enough to be good at everything and helps prepare athletes for whatever life my throw at them whether their off out hiking at a weekend, have a laborious job or even just a single mother running around and picking up their children.

What is in a CrossFit WOD?

CrossFit workouts usually involve 3 elements; Warm Up, Strength or Skill and the Workout.

The Warm Up helps prepare the athlete for whatever the strength, skill or workout involves. This would include increasing the heart rate, active mobility and muscle activation to help prepare the athlete. So for example if there is a bench press as the strength portion or if bench press is included in the workout you can expect the warm up to include some chest stretches, chest activation and perhaps some push ups to raise the heart rate too.

The strength or skill portion of the WOD will focus on a single movement to either build strength in that movement or help improve the skill of that movement. So this could be a compound lift building to a heavy lift or a gymnastic skill that athletes can practice and improve.

The workout portion of the CrossFit WOD will focus on building cardiovascular abilities and capacity in a varying time domain and can include the wide variety of movements included in CrossFit.


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