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TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer Review

Updated: 6 days ago

Barefoot training has surged in popularity, transcending traditional fitness norms. The movement towards a more natural and connected approach to movement has brought forth innovative footwear designed to enhance this experience. Among these, the TYR Men's Limited Edition Squat University DropZero Barefoot Trainer has caught our attention.

We were lucky enough to test out a pair and put them through their paces in performing a variety of strength, functional fitness, CrossFit and outdoor training, to give you the low down on these barefoot trainers and our honest TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer Review.

TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer Review

Unleashing the Power of Barefoot Training

The TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer, born from collaboration with Squat University, epitomises the evolution of footwear for functional fitness. Priced at $160.00 (£139.22), this limited edition model offers unmatched flexibility, enabling your feet to move naturally and establish a profound connection with every surface in your training environment.

TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer Features and Benefits

TYRTac™ Rubber Outsole: The ultra-thin TYRTac™ rubber outsole ensures direct ground feedback and superior traction on any surface, promoting stability and agility during your workouts.

Adjustable Stability Straps: The innovative stability strap design at the midfoot provides the extra support needed to seamlessly integrate lifting into your training routine. This feature aligns with the ergonomic design, offering a snug fit that complements the natural shape of your foot.

Anatomical Wide-Toe Box: With a flat and anatomical wide-toe box, the TYR DropZero allows your toes to spread naturally, facilitating a more comfortable and adaptive fit.

Engineered Breathable Upper Mesh: The breathable upper mesh is meticulously engineered to enhance airflow, keeping your feet cool and comfortable throughout your training sessions.

TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer Review

What Other Users Are Saying

The rave reviews speak volumes about the TYR DropZero's performance and appeal. Users commend the snug fit, comfort, and the ability to feel the ground beneath their feet.

The adjustable stability straps and wide toe box have garnered praise for providing support without compromising natural movement. But how do they actually compare?

We tested out the TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer over a month of a variety of different strength, conditioning, functional training and outdoor exercises to give you a honest review.

TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer Full Review

As someone deeply immersed in the fitness world, I'm always on the lookout for gear that can keep up with my diverse training routines. When the TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer came out I put these shoes through their paces, over four weeks, lifting, cross-training, cardio, and even daily wear.

Week 1: Dominating the Weight Room

From day one, the TYR DropZero proved its mettle in the weight room. Especially with deadlifts, the TYRTac™ rubber outsole gripped the platforms with confidence. The zero-drop design provided a stable base, and those adjustable stability straps secured my feet during heavy lifts.

With squats, for someone with decent ankle mobility I enjoyed trying something new (other than my lifting shoes that have a lift in) but I do struggle to see that if you were looking for a strictly squatting lifting shoe why you wouldn't go for the TYR L-1 Lifter with the wide toe-box, durable material quality and elevated heel.

However, by the end of the week, these shoes had earned their spot as an indispensable part of my deadlift and lunge (and more) strength training sessions.

Week 2: A CrossFitting Affair

Week two was all about pushing boundaries in CrossFit and as predominantly a CrossFit athlete I was interested to see how barefoot training would fit into a standard metcon. From box jumps to lifting workouts, the TYR DropZeros showcased their versatility. The wide-toe box allowed my toes to move naturally during plyometric movements, offering both comfort and support and through the static lifting, the added connection with the ground gave that extra support for those lighter weights.

The breathable upper mesh kept my feet cool, even in the most intense sessions. These shoes were not just for lifting; they seamlessly adapted to the fast-paced world of CrossFit. I would say again for some of the movements like maximal oly lifts I would choose a heel elevated lifting shoe for squat mobility but for 99% of workouts that don't have that in, I feel like the TYR DropZeros were a great choice for barefoot CrossFit training.

TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer Review

Week 3: Conquering Cardio Challenges

Week three presented a cardio challenge, and the TYR DropZeros met it head-on. Running and sprinting became the focus, and despite some initial discomfort from the aggressive forefoot material during rapid movements, these shoes proved their worth in short intervals and sprints. The outsole provided the ground feel I craved, enhancing my connection to the tracks/treadmills but also I feel like the durability of the shoe meant I could feel more confident going "barefoot". I really do feel like the build quality is better than any I've seen with Nike or Reebok or any of the major CrossFit shoe brands.

Week 4: Daily Grind and Style Fusion

In the final stretch, I tried to integrate the TYR DropZeros into my daily life. I must say these are lifting and functional fitness shoes and with the straps and sporty look they were not really a daily wear barefoot shoe. But then they're a training shoe, and a damn good one at that.

TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer Review

The Verdict: A Fitness Evolution

After four weeks of rigorous testing, I can confidently say that the TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer exceeded my expectations. The stability straps provided the necessary support for lifting, the wide-toe box accommodated natural movement during cross-training, and the breathable mesh ensured comfort in all scenarios. I've highlighted a few pros and cons from my experience:


  1. Superior Traction for Functional Training: One of the major pros of the TYR Dropzero is its outstanding grip, making it a standout choice for functional training. Whether you're crushing powerlifting sessions or engaging in dynamic cross-training movements, the proprietary TYR Tack outsole provides the necessary grip on various surfaces. The added lateral sidewalls contribute to enhanced lateral support, a crucial feature for those intense functional workouts.

  2. Durable Construction: One of the biggest pros for me was the quality of construction, materials and design of the shoe. Yes you can get a slightly similar looking and feeling barefoot shoe, but you'd be hard pressed to find one that is as durable and versatile as this one.

  3. Structured Design for Versatile Performance: Offering a departure from the minimalist trend, the TYR Dropzero caters to those who appreciate a bit more structure in their barefoot shoes. The thicker outsole, removable insole, and overall robust build give a structured feel akin to the Vivo Barefoot Modus Strength. If you desire a barefoot shoe with added beefiness and support, this model could be a game-changer.


  1. Considerable Price Tag: The price of the Dropzero certainly raises eyebrows. While it excels in the gym, for the price, users might find more cost-effective alternatives for lifting and training.

  2. Some Movement Restrictions: Despite its strength in lifting and cross-training, the Dropzero Barefoot Trainer may fall short in some workouts that involve movements like rope climbs or those that require more ankle mobility. The strap design and barefoot nature of the shoe may mean that a different trainer would be a better option.

TYR DropZero Barefoot Trainer Review

Who Should Invest in the TYR Dropzero?

  1. Dedicated Lifters: If you're someone who thrives in the weight room and prioritises lifting sessions but want a barefoot trainer that can do it all and stand the test of multiple lifts, the TYR Dropzero is a worthy investment. Its exceptional grip, lateral support, and power strap system make it an ideal companion for strength training.

  2. Barefoot Enthusiasts: For those who appreciate barefoot trainers that give you the toe space and the ground to foot feedback you need but also require much more durability than the average barefoot trainer then these are for you.

  3. Structured Shoe Aficionados: If you lean towards barefoot shoes with a bit more structure, the Dropzero might be the missing piece in your collection. The thicker outsole and removable insole offer a structured feel, resembling the Vivo Barefoot Modus Strength.

In conclusion, the TYR Dropzero Barefoot Trainer proves to be a commendable choice for specific fitness contexts and a perfect choice for barefoot aficionados who want to step up their training. Whether you're hitting the weights or doing a CrossFit workout, its strengths and limitations make it a contender in the world of functional fitness footwear.

However, for some who have specific needs, it will require a bit more deliberation. As with any investment, understanding your specific needs and preferences is key.


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