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Ice Barrel Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying an Ice Barrel! has created a unique cold plunge ice bath that now top athletes, health professionals and celebrities are getting behind and reviewing.

But we wanted to take a deeper dive into the Ice Barrel why it could be beneficial to your training, why choose the Ice Barrel and showing off some alternatives that might be more cost effective.

The Rise Of Cold Water Therapy

The tidal wave of cold water therapy has created a seismic shift in the fitness, sports and athletic world. There are now TV shows specialising in cold therapy, books and endless YouTube videos on the benefits of cold water therapy.

It's a relatively simple concept, you fill a bath, barrel or container with ice and water and fully submerge yourself for as long as you can. This simple post or pre workout activity has now been shown to have untold health and fitness benefits.

Ice Barrel says "Cold therapy provides systemic anti-inflammatory relief, increases positive immune response, and parasympathetic nervous system stimulation. Cold therapy is being applied to provide non-pharmaceutical support for patients with depression and mood disorders, reduction of daily stress and general well-being, chronic disease support including rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia among others, and disease intervention."

So if they're behind it, the Ice Barrel product should be bulletproof right?

In our Ice Barrel Review, we test and review the functionality, durability, ease of use, ice barrel alternatives and of course whether you should consider adding the Ice Barrel to your fitness accessory portfolio.

The Ice Barrel

The Ice Barrel is a strong, durable barrel made from heavy duty 100% recycled plastic which gives a great way to benefit from immersive cold water therapy.

The Ice Barrel:

  • Holds 105 Gallons or 477 Liters of Water & Ice

  • Has an easy to use drainage system

  • Is 42" (1m) high and 31" (0.7m) wide with a 25" (0.6m) opening

  • Weighs 55lbs (24kg) when empty and 750lbs (340kg) when filled

  • Made in Ohio, US using recycled materials

  • Comes in Black or Desert Tan

Although there are some incredibly expensive ice or cold water baths on the market today, Ice Barrel is fairly reasonable coming in at just over $1,000.

Ice Barrel Features

The Ice Barrel comes with a few features that can help justify the price tag and gives you everything you need for powerful and effective cold water therapy.

Ice Barrel + Lid

The Ice Barrel is made from 100% recycled plastic and is big enough to hold almost any athlete as long as they can fit through the 26" opening. Once in the Barrel, individuals won't be able to stand fully but bend down into the barrel, as it is only 42" tall.

Barrel Stand

The Ice Barrel stand helps keep the barrel off the floor and keep the barrel sturdy for individuals to go in and out.

Protective UV Cover

The Ice Barrel Cover offers protection if the barrel is kept outside from the sun, and UV rays that can discolour, warp and damage the ice barrel.

Step Stool

The Ice Barrel Step Stool can help individuals get in and out of the barrel.

Ice Barrel Reviews From Customers

Jennifer F.

Verifed Buyer


I am loving the Ice Barrel. I usually use it after a workout and it is amazing how quick it kicks you into recovery. It is really well made and easy to empty and clean. I am working up to be able to stay in longer and longer each time, but what a great tool to have to help with both mind and body recovery. Thank you so much and making such a great product!!!

John P.

Verifed Buyer


Everyone should get the Ice Barrel. I just took my first ice bath and it was an incredible experience. I’m hooked.

Josh K.

Verifed Buyer


I absolutely love the Ice Barrel…I’ve tried so many different devices and the Ice Barrel really addressed all the issues I was having…It’s not often I buy something and feel this passionate!

Benefits of Cold Water Immersion Therapy

As it has had a titanic rise over the past few years, cold water immersion therapy boasts many benefits both physically and mentally:

  • Pain Management – Cold water immersion therapy helps to reduce swelling in muscles and desensitises nerves.

  • Muscle Recovery and Inflammation – Reduces localised inflammation and swelling. From helping speed up injuries, to helping prevent the impact of DOMs after exercise, this helps athletes keep performing at their best.

  • Mental Health – Cold water immersion therapy has strongly been associated with helping to improve mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

  • Brain Function – Helps promote better brain function and boosts mood.

Not only can you utilise a ice bath or ice tub but you can also explore open water swimming too!

Our Ice Barrel Alternatives

Maybe you don't fancy spending that much on an ice barrel, well we have explored two great options you might like:


The MURO Ice Bath is a much smaller and less durable alternative but at only $70 it's certainly worth considering for those who don't do cold water immersion therapy every day.

Although for the bigger athletes you may want to choose another alternative.


The PEAKn Ice Bath is a great alternative, big enough for bigger athletes and doesn't cost too much.

Also you can completely deflate the bath and it's very portable.

Don't forget to check out the Ice Barrel website here to buy your Ice Barrel.


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