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Lifting The Dream Knee Sleeves Review

Want some knee sleeves that look good and actually perform well? We've taken extra attention to the inclusive CrossFit apparel brand Lifting The Dream and reviewed a range of their accessories including their knee sleeves.

Who Are Lifting The Dream?

Lifting the Dream is a US based CrossFit and Functional Fitness apparel brand dedicated to building a community of fun loving, strong-willed individuals who want to rebel against the fitness industry's standard of "fit" to prove you don't have to look a certain way to be healthy.

Introducing the Donut Judge Me Knee Sleeves

When reviewing products, I am always sceptical of fashion over function and you can sometimes find that if the pattern or design is great then the function sometimes waivers. But this is NOT the case with the Lifting The Dream Knee Sleeves.

I've been using Rehband's knee sleeves for a year prior to receiving the Lifting The Dream Knee Sleeves and I was fairly impressed with the Rehbands. I mainly bought them because all the CrossFit Games competitors were wearing them and had serious FOMO.


However, after just one use of the LTD Knee Sleeves I was converted.

The material was perfect, the thickness was just right (not too thin, not too thick), my knees kept warm and it was just the right amount of pressure to help me and not hinder me in squats.

I used my Donut Judge Me Knee Sleeves for anything involving squats; back squats, front squats, cleans, lunges and more.

I have used them consistently for 6 months now and can genuinely say that these knee sleeves beat the competition hands down.

And I haven't even talked about the design!


The amount of comments I receive on them in the CrossFit Box or even when going to a mainstream gym is enough to turn heads.

Besides, who doesn't love donuts!

I genuinely love the design and love the fact it fits with the Lifting The Dream range of belts, grips and wraps too.


Comparing the LTD Knee Sleeves to the Rehband knee sleeves, the LTD win hands down. The 5mm thickness is perfect for lifting heavy or light and the neoprene material can easily adjusted too.

I am fairly short and have thick legs so I did think that the Medium I received would be too big but they were the perfect size and have for sure given me more confidence to lift heavier to protect my knees.

I must say I have PB'd my back squat, front squat and clean in these too.


At only $49 for the pair, these Knee Sleeves are definitely reasonable and competitive to the Rehband or SBD which are of equal quality but much more expensive.

Overall Conclusion

The Lifting The Dream Donut Judge Me Knee Sleeves are in my opinion some of the best knee sleeves on the market today.

Comfortable, high performing and sure to catch the eye, I 100% recommend these to everyone looking for a new pair of PB busting knee sleeves.


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