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Best Booty Band Brands to Support in 2022

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

With a combination of working out from home and trying to support local businesses in 2022, we know that you are on the look out for the best booty band brands to support in 2022.

Many people now care about the brand as well as the product, how socially responsible they are, the values they uphold and their stance on sustainability and circular economy.

We have outlined the booty band brands that we think you should support in 2021.

What makes the best booty band brand?

When looking at a brand that we want to support we want to take a look at a few different things; who runs the brand, what is their main message, how good is their marketing, and what is their stance on sustainability.

With these criteria we can get a pretty good idea of what they stand for as well as the quality of their products and customer service.

Branding is so important in the fitness industry especially so with booty bands, because many of the products are actually very similar. The quality of products can vary massively but actually the design of the products are sometimes like for like. You can end up spending a huge amount on something that has a similar quality for half the price or you can end up getting stung by lower quality products too.

When we have outlined the best booty band brands to support below, we have taken into consideration all of these factors.

Heckin Fit Resistance Bands

We think that Heckin Fit resistance bands is one of the best booty band brands out there. From the outset, they stand for inclusivity, empowerment and boldness and are fully focussed on womens fitness booty bands. Run by two feminists based in Yorkshire, UK, Heckin Fit have really tried to be bold in their approach to the fitness industry.

For too long have fitness products been created and designed for men, then branded differently for women. Heckin Fit are creating products that are first and foremost for women. Their booty band is made out of premium quality material, with a non-slip inner and is branded well.

As a booty band brand, they give everything away, free delivery, free workouts, free carry case, free tips, advice and more. This is sometimes unheard of in an industry which is always trying to squeeze money out of customers with paid ebooks, workouts, programmes and the like.

As a relatively new brand on the booty band scene, they were created in 2020 during the lockdown in the UK. Here is what founder Lauren had to say:

"We really wanted to create a booty band brand that tries to empower its customers through a premium product, premium community and premium content too. We are bold in our approach and we mean it. We want to strike a hammer down on the industry and really stand for what we believe in. Not only that but we want to be inclusive to everyone. No matter your body, size, ability. We are here for all."

Powerful stuff. That is why we support Heckin Fit and we think you should too.

Let us know which of the best booty band brands you think we should mention in our next article by leaving a comment below.


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