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Will CrossFit Ever Take Over The World?

CrossFit is here to stay. Fact.

Greg Glassman, the mastermind behind CrossFit phenomenon that has sent ripples through the fitness community, defined fitness when no other platform could.

By defining fitness Glassman set out to rock the fitness community by creating a platform for ALL to be fit and healthy, to prevent ill-health and desiese through a training methodology that could be embraced by anyone.

Famously using 100 words to describe fitness, Glassman built this brand that attracted more and more to where it is today; a global figure in the health and fitness community that sets the benchmark for health and the bar to beat in fitness.

But can this training methodology stand the test of time? Can CrossFit take over the world?

CrossFit mainsite and many of its courses and seminars are focussing more and more on promoting health to all levels of athlete. Whether it is the 75 grandmother struggling to sit up from the armchair or the pre-teen trying to get a spot on the football team.

By encouraging this conversation that health is the priority for the layman, not elite fitness Glassman's CrossFit methodology can stand the test of time (and age very well) by catering to all needs.

We still may see CrossFit gyms around the world open in years to come.

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