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Where To Buy The pliability / ROMWOD Mat?

Spotted that distinctive ROMWOD stretching mat and want to know where you can get your hands on one? We got you!

The ROMWOD company has now rebranded to a brand called pliability. Pliability has all of the same amazing features as ROMWOD but in a sleek new design.

ROMWOD is known for its daily stretching protocols that take the stress out of stretching and mobility by giving subscribers targeted and different stretching routines every day.

Their rebrand sees an improved app, a sleeker design and more focus on evidence based mobility for sports.

Where to buy the ROMWOD Stretching Mat?

The now pliability stretching mat is $119 and is made of anti-microbial & durable vinyl surface with a 3-layer foam construction. The mat unrolls for instant workouts or stretching and can help hold poses longer and protect from impact. The stretching mat also rolls up for easy storage.

If you ever feel that a yoga mat doesn't have enough padding especially when kneeling or on your hands, then this mat is for you!

The pliability stretching mat (Previously known as the ROMWOD Mat), is built to help you move and recover anywhere. The training and stretching mat creates a comfortable, stable surface for pliability sessions or functional fitness. Hold poses longer and minimize impact stress on joints.

Measuring 35" x 72", the pliability mat is made up of a .95" thick high performance athletic foam for maximum shock absorption and a durable, anti-microbial vinyl grippy surface providing stable footing for any workout.

Using two layers of multi-density closed-cell, cross-linked foam that won't break down from repeated usage - and provides comfort beyond any yoga mat.

Size (Flat):

72" x 35" x .95"

1.8M x 89CM x 2.4CM

Size (Rolled):

11" x 12" x 35"

28CM x 30CM x 89CM

You can buy the ROMWOD / pliability stretching mat for $119 from the pliability website below.

Alternatives to the ROMWOD / pliability stretching mat

If you want a thicker stretching mat but without the $119 price tag then we have found some of our top picks for you below.

Balance From 1.5" Thick Stretching Mat

Material Vinyl

Item Weight 18 Ounces

Product Dimensions 72" L x 24" W x 1.5" Thick

RXP Fitness Stretching Mat

Material Foam

Product Dimensions 72" L x 30" W x 3/4" Thick

Our top alternative, thick foam with a durable surface topping which can be rolled to store but much thicker than a standard mat.

So get stretching and mobilizing away on your brand new stretching mat! Enjoy!


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