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What Is The Murph CrossFit Workout

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The Murph CrossFit Workout is a Hero workout named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy performed in CrossFit affiliates, military bases and Navy ships across the world on Memorial Day (30th May).

The Murph CrossFit Workout is:
1 Mile run
100 Pull-Ups
200 Push-Ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile run

Participants are encouraged to wear a weighted vest in honour of the Body Armour worn by the military.

Why is the Murph workout so important?

The hero workout is named after Michael Patrick Murphy (May 7, 1976 – June 28, 2005) was a United States Navy SEAL officer who was awarded the U.S. military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions during the War in Afghanistan. He was the first member of the United States Navy to receive the award since the Vietnam War. His other posthumous awards include the Silver Star Medal (which was later upgraded to the Medal of Honor) and the Purple Heart.

The workout named was created in Michael's honor and is often performed at CrossFit affiliates, military bases, and Navy ships across the globe on Memorial Day.

Participants are encouraged to wear a 20lb body vest. This workout was one of Murphy's favourites. He called it "Body Armour" but it was later renamed “Murph” in his honor.

5 Tips to help you beat the Murph Workout

The murph workout has a reputation for being tough, so here are our top 5 tips to beating the workout and getting your top score.

  1. Don't go out too hot - It's a long workout so save yourself for the last run. Conserve your energy and pace yourself throughout the rounds

  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - With an extended workout like this, make sure you're drinking enough fluids throughout.

  3. Know yourself - Everyone has done a certain number of the exercises in Murph so it's a good idea to listen to your body and listen to when to go and when to throttle back.

  4. Pre-Carb Load - This type of workout will require energy, more specifically carbohydrates. Ensure that either the night before or early in the day you eat enough carbs and calories to fuel you for the workout ahead.

  5. Scale and Split - Scale your workload back to what suits you. If you can't do sets of ten pull ups then scale back to 5 and just take your time to do more sets. The workout is all about pacing so split your workout into manageable chunks.

Don't forget to post your Murph workout times below and good luck!

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