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Pat Vellner Partners With TYR To Release Signature Shoe

One of the most beloved fitness athletes in the game, Pat Vellner has partnered with TYR Sport to launch the limited edition TYR CXT-1 Training shoe.

A collaboration that is one year in the making, the Limited Edition Pat Vellner CXT-1 Trainers combine the construction of the TYR CXT-1 with design elements inspired by eight-time Crossfit® Games competitor, Pat Vellner.

Since his debut, Vellner has established himself as an elite competitor and fitness athlete with four CrossFit® Games podium finishes. He’s steadily climbing the ranks and showing no signs of slowing down. No stranger to hard work, Vellner took the opportunity to design his signature CXT-1 Trainers seriously, ensuring that his personality, work ethic, and relentlessness were captured.

While the construction of the CXT-1 continues to bring you the cutting-edge technology that you expect from TYR, like Surge NRG foam midsoles and patent-pending stability platform for unparalleled comfort and response, Vellner’s limited edition shoe adds some elements indicative of who he is.

“I wanted to make a classic-looking shoe with some subtle bits of personality,” said Vellner. “It’s meant to represent my unassuming and stoic demeanor on the competition floor, but with a lot of personality lurking just under the surface.”

In addition to the color selection and custom logoed insoles, Vellner wanted to incorporate some inspiration. Likewise, at the back of each heel, Vellner carefully chose two words that act as a mantra: Persist on the left heel and Prevail on the right.

Vellner explained, “It’s just a simple reminder of what we all want and how to get there, boiled down into two words. No matter what our goals are, the only way to get there is to be stubbornly persistent until the day you get to check that box.”

“Pat is one of the greatest crossfitters of all time and we are honored to have him collaborate with us on our first-ever athlete-inspired training shoe,” said Matt DiLorenzo, CEO of TYR Sport.

Who are TYR Sport?

Since its inception more than three decades ago, TYR Sport has become one of the world’s most recognizable swimming and triathlon brands. Founded in Huntington Beach, California, the American company has garnered industry success for major technologies including the celebrated Venzo technical suit.

Today, TYR has become synonymous with the most groundbreaking athletes in swimming and continues to be the choice of champions.

Named for TYR the Norse god of valor and sacrifice, TYR a company built on commitment and discipline. They've been pushing the limits of innovation to propel athletes to their absolute best for over 38 years. Whether it's personal records or world championships, they have the hard-earned hardware to back it up.

About Pat Vellner

8 time CrossFit Games Competitor, Canadian Pat Vellner has well-established himself in the CrossFit community.

His trophy cabinet proves his fitness too - two 2nd place finishes in 2018 and 2021 and two 3rd place finishes in 2016 and 2017 are made even more impressive after revealing that he works full time as a chiropractor as well as an athlete at the Games.

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