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Heckin Fit Resistance Bands: A Full Review

We've recommended Heckin Fit Resistance Bands for leg workouts, booty exercises and as the best resistance band for your money but we wanted to go into more detail about how great the resistance band actually is.

Who are Heckin Fit?

Heckin Fit is a resistance band and fitness accessory company in the UK that does more than just create great products. They are creating an online community of empowerment, boldness and inclusivity in the world of women's fitness.

Started by two fitness fanatics, the founders set out to create products with a women first approach. For too long have mens fitness products been rebranded for women without a deeper dive into what women want.

By really investing time and effort into finding what products women need for fitness, Heckin Fit have created a brand and product that shouts "Let's get Heckin Fit!"

Heckin Fit Material Booty Bands

With their booty bands I wanted to write an honest and upfront review about how their product performs, I know I like the brand but I wanted to be transparent on their product too.

Now I know there are A LOT of booty bands out in the fitness sphere at the moment and it is becoming a more trending product as more influencers try and sell them.

There are a few things that I think set Heckin Fit bands apart from the others that I wanted to cover in this review.

  • Top Quality Fabric On the Band – The band I recieved is strong fabric that I think looks and feels premium to me that has held its resistance through the many workouts i've done with it, I know that it doesn't damage easily too.

  • Bold Design – The Pink and Yellow is certainly a head turner in the gym but you know what, I like it. Simple but effective, I like that they've spent time looking at all the different elements of the product and the resistance band.

  • Ideal Resistance For Me – When I've used my Heckin Fit Resistance band, I've been warming up for leg workouts or my squat workouts and the resistance has been perfect for what I've been using it for. The right size too.

  • Great Price – I actually got a discount on my Heckin Fit band to get it down to £14 ( I got mine through here.)

  • Free Delivery – I know there were different options but I got my band with free delivery, thought that was pretty good too!

All in all I love my heckin fit resistance band and I am happy to review and recommend it to others!

You can buy the Heckin Fit resistance bands here.


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