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Dave Castro Sacked

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Dave Castro, Director of the NoBull CrossFit Games, has been sacked by CrossFit HQ following an email from CrossFit CEO Eric Roza to all affiliates and from a Instagram Post by Castro.

Update: November 2023 - Castro has since been re-hired and is an integral part of the CrossFit team.

Dave Castro has played a pivotal role in shaping and evolving the landscape of CrossFit, leaving an indelible mark on the fitness community. As the Director of the CrossFit Games and a key figure in CrossFit, Inc., Castro's impact extends far beyond event planning – it encompasses programming, innovation, and the very essence of the CrossFit ethos.

Visionary Leadership

Dave Castro has been instrumental in steering the direction of CrossFit through his visionary leadership. As the director of the CrossFit Games since 2009, he has been responsible for designing and programming some of the most challenging and iconic workouts in the history of the sport. His creativity and commitment to pushing boundaries have elevated CrossFit from a fitness regimen to a global competitive phenomenon.

Evolution of the CrossFit Games

Under Castro's direction, the CrossFit Games have transformed into a spectacle that not only showcases elite fitness but also tests the limits of human performance across a diverse range of modalities. His ability to design workouts that challenge athletes both physically and mentally has been a driving force in the continuous evolution of the CrossFit Games, making them a benchmark for elite fitness competitions worldwide.

Unveiling the Unknown and Unknowable

One of Dave Castro's hallmarks is the concept of the "Unknown and Unknowable" – a philosophy that underscores CrossFit's commitment to preparing individuals for the unpredictable challenges of life. His insistence on incorporating unexpected elements in workouts reflects the core CrossFit belief that true fitness is about being prepared for anything, from lifting heavy weights to mastering gymnastic movements.

Community Engagement and Connection

Castro's influence extends beyond the competitive arena. Through his presence on social media and engagement with the CrossFit community, he has fostered a sense of connection and camaraderie. His willingness to interact with athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts has created a bridge between the top echelons of CrossFit and its grassroots community, reinforcing the inclusive nature of the sport.

Controversies and Criticisms

While celebrated for his contributions, Dave Castro has not been without controversy. Some of the workouts he programs for the CrossFit Games have been met with both awe and criticism, sparking debates about the line between pushing boundaries and potentially endangering athletes. This willingness to take risks, however, has been a defining aspect of his approach to programming.

Legacy in the CrossFit Community

As Dave Castro transitions from his role as the Director of the CrossFit Games, his legacy endures. He leaves behind a sport that has grown in popularity and global reach, with an increasingly diverse and dedicated community. The impact of his programming, his commitment to the sport's ethos, and his ability to captivate audiences have solidified his place as a central figure in the history of CrossFit.

Dave Castro's impact on CrossFit is multifaceted. From programming workouts that define the very essence of CrossFit to fostering community engagement and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, his contributions have shaped CrossFit into more than just a fitness program – it's a global movement that challenges, inspires, and unites athletes around the world. As the CrossFit community looks to the future, Castro's influence will undoubtedly continue to resonate.


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