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CrossFit Proves Its Relevance with The Titan Games Champions

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

2 Elite CrossFitters Matt Chan and Dani Speegle have won the season 2 finale of NBC’s hit athletic competition show The Titan Games.

CrossFit gets a lot of stick from the general public. Among the vegans, CrossFitters are usually seen as a cult that will always tell you that they do Crossfit.

Matt Chan, Dani Speegle and Dwayne The Rock Johnson at The Titan Games
Matt Chan, Dani Speegle and Dwayne The Rock Johnson at The Titan Games

Also to other gym goers, CrossFitters are the ones who flop around at the pull up bar and slam down weights with no t-shirts on.

Long have CrossFitters been used to the japes and jives that others fire our way, but CrossFitters know that CrossFit is a proven, well-rounded and effective fitness training regime.

We are also used to fitness competitions. The CrossFit Games are the highlight of the year with athletes training for the unknown and the unknowable.

So when there was a fitness competition show on primetime television that tested athletes in a series of physical challenges using elite athletes from a variety of sports hosted by one of the most well-known celebrities in the world, CrossFitters were rubbing their hands with glee.

CrossFit has tried and tried to introduce itself into the mainstream and has had in the past issues with the legitimacy of the training programme. When Glassman started CrossFit he wanted to reach as many of the population as possible to improve the health of the nation and the world.

Promotional Image for the Titan Games
Promotional Image for the Titan Games

Well, the Titan Games may actually be the start of a fitness revolution. Proving the effectiveness of the CrossFits training regime may actually start to change public opinion about CrossFit and CrossFitters.

Games legend Matt Chan and rising star Dani Speegle did just that as they won their respective divisions of Season 2 of the Titan Games.

After competing against professional athletes, athletic world champions and Olympians, the CrossFitters dominated the field, and become $100,000 richer in the process.

Events featured knocking down poles with a sledgehammer, an obstacle course style race with box flipping, pulling drawbridges down, crawling through confined spaces and eventually putting a key into a hole.

We think perhaps the mainstream can stick with some of their events and we can stick with ours. Maybe not a true test of fitness but definitely an entertaining watch.

With other shows such as Ninja Warrior and World Strongest Man becoming more and more popular it is really amazing to see a fitness related show coming to the mainstream.

It is becoming harder and harder for the mainstream to ignore the effectiveness of the benefits to health and fitness that CrossFit provides to many around the world.

We're excited to see the direction CrossFit can go with new leadership too. But please lets never make putting a key into a keyhole an event in CrossFit....ever!

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