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Crossfit: My Expectation vs Reality

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

When I first stepped into a CrossFit gym I had no idea what I was signing up for. I had done lots of other sports before but never been great at any one thing.

I played rugby for 15 years then cycled across France for two months on my own, then football, windsurfing, lacrosse, running.... I never really found my "calling" until I walked into an old wharehouse with a huge open floor, some rigs on one side and a mass of equipment on the other.

My first CrossFit workout was nothing out of the ordinary for me. I had been at a good gym in the centre of Leeds where high intesity classes were the norm and I was starting to explore strength training as my experience grew. The workout was nothing new.

The people and the atmosphere was that which shocked me the most.

I had never been in an environment where everyone enjoyed getting their asses kicked and were so happy about it.

Playing in a 23 man squad in rugby for all those years or a 30 man squad in lacrosse for the time I did just didn't compare to that one hour in the cold and chalky gym in Leeds.

Now a regular CrossFitter, sucked in by the constant need to improve, measure, practice, train and get better at everything, I am starting this journey to not only build myself into an athlete I always wished I was but to try and help or inspire others to do the same.

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