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21 Best Gym Gifts For Men - Ideas and Where To Buy!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The Holiday season is fast approaching and if you need Mens Gym gift ideas, we got you! For those fitness fanatics, runners, CrossFitters, Strongmen, and gym rats, these gym gift ideas are perfect as stocking fillers, larger gifts or for something special!

These great gift ideas range from technology to activewear, gadgets to workout plans, these show stoppers are perfect for those fitness-minded individuals in your life.

Non-Slip Socks For All Sports

Gym Gifts For Men

LUX Anti Slip Socks

More grip means less injuries, sprains and twists - with moisture wicking materials too.


Top Pick For Gymnastics Grips

Gym Gifts For Men

Bear KompleX 2 Carbon Hand Grips

Protect your hands and have more grip for pull-ups, muscle ups and bar work. Ideal for gym-goers.


Elite Active Sunglasses

Gym Gifts For Men

Blenders Eclipse Saturn Cloud

Statement eyewear is fast becoming the next big thing in sports and gym wear, so get ahead of the trend with Blenders Eyewear.


Pack Everything You Need To Train

Gym Gifts For Men

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

Take everything you need to train with a 40 Litre backpack, multiple pockets and durable zips too. Holds your belts, shoes, pre-workouts, a change of clothes and Velcro webbing for patches too.


A Great Workout In A Small Package

Gym Gifts For Men

Velites Ballasted Jump Rope

CA seriously fat-burning workout with just a skipping rope - sounds too good to be true but with the best rope going, the Velites Jump Rope, you get a great workout and a durable piece of kit.


The Best In Optimal Recovery

Gym Gifts For Men

Theragun Pro Massage Gun

Theragun is the elite handheld massage gun on the market today. This bluetooth enabled percussion massage gun is perfect for pain relief, muscle myofascial release, delivering great power with almost no noise.


The Overall Best Rowing Machine

Gym Gifts For Men

Concept2 RowERG Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

One of the most iconic and best workouts in the gym is the rowing machine. A serious cardio workout that activates almost every muscle in the body.


Look Good In The Gym

Gym Gifts For Men

Nike Flex Men's Training Shorts

Not only in the gym do you want to perform well you want to look good, these Nike Flex Shorts are well made, durable, wicking and fit well. Ideal.


Endless Training Options

Gym Gifts For Men

BalanceFrom Olympic Barbell and Weight Set

Everything you need to train for Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting and at the gym. Perfect for a home gym with Barbell, Plates and Collars.


Perfect Grip Without The Mess

Gym Gifts For Men

Warm Body Cold Mind Liquid Chalk

Chalk in the gym can sometimes be very messy but with liquid chalk you get all the grip but without the mess. Ensuring your lifts are perfect, always.


Elite Footwear for Every Gym Goer

Gym Gifts For Men

Nike Men's Metcon 8 Training Shoe

Probably one of the best training shoes ever made, the Nike Metcon 8 has it all, additional heel support for weightlifting, durable materials, soft toe box for added stability. Perfect for running, jumping and lifting.


Blast Your Tunes Whilst At The Gym

Gym Gifts For Men

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones

With up to 9 hours of listening time and external charging case and pristine sound quality, this is perfect for any workout.


The Best Training Socks

Gym Gifts For Men

Nike Crew Socks 3 Pack

Instant classic - made for training and a step up from your basic training sock with Dri-Fit technology.


Keep Well Hydrated

Gym Gifts For Men

YOUCANPLATO Half Gallon Water Bottle

This Half Gallon water bottle is BPA free and comes with handle, straw and carry case, plus it's spill free!


The Ultimate in Hand Protection

Gym Gifts For Men


Picsil is one of those brands that keep on innovating, from the unique carbon material and the shape perfectly fitting the hand, the Picsil RX grips is a perfect option for working out.


Pack A Punch In The Palm of Your Hand

Gym Gifts For Men

MPDPOW Mini Massage Gun

All the benefits of a massage gun including pain relief and improved recovery but this massage gun is small enough to fit in your pocket! An ideal stocking filler!


Add More Power To Your Lifts

Gym Gifts For Men

Astra Fitness Weightlifting Belt

Add more power to your lifts with this weightlifting belt for deadlifts, squats and CrossFit Training.


Best Plyo Training Shoe On The Market

Gym Gifts For Men

Reebok Nano X1 Cross Training Shoe

CrossFit has been dominated by Reebok Apparel for years now and the X1 Shoe is no exception.


One Of The Only Supplements That Work

Gym Gifts For Men

BulkSupplements Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most researched supplements in the fitness industry and actually works.


Get The Best Of Your Workout

Gym Gifts For Men

Gymreapers Pull Up Resistance Bands

Improve your stretching routine, pull up strength and much more with the Gymreapers resistance band set.


Protect Your Knees

Ideas Gym Gifts For Men

Rehband RX Knee Support

Rehband Rx Knee supports help you squat heavier and protect your knees.


These best gym gifts for men are perfect stocking fillers or that gift for someone special.

We've hand selected each of these gym gifts after using many of the products in and outside the gym setting, used for powerlifting, weightlifting or just in and around the gym.

Best Gym Gifts For Men

When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for the fitness enthusiast in your life, especially men who are passionate about their gym routines, it's essential to strike a balance between functionality, style, and innovation.

Consider practical items such as high-quality workout gear, durable gym bags, or cutting-edge fitness trackers that can elevate their exercise experience. Fitness apparel from renowned brands not only provides comfort during workouts but also adds a touch of style to their gym wardrobe. For those who appreciate recovery, massage guns or foam rollers can be thoughtful gifts to help alleviate post-workout muscle soreness.

Additionally, consider personalized accessories like engraved water bottles or custom gym towels to add a personal touch. Tech-savvy gym-goers might appreciate wireless earbuds, ensuring a seamless and motivating music experience during workouts. Whether it's for strength training, cardio, or overall wellness, the best gym gifts for men combine practicality with a touch of innovation, enhancing both their performance and enjoyment of the fitness journey.


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