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2022 CrossFit Games LIVE!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Check out all you need to know about the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games including leaderboard, events, schedule, winners and more!

Check out the NoBull CrossFit Games Livestream here:

CrossFit Games Live Updates by AMRAP Antics!

Our CrossFit Games live commentary is from AMRAP Antics Writer Harry Smith - commentating on the highlights of the competition!

  • AUGUST 1ST - New Workout Released on the CrossFit Games Instagram!

  • JULY 31ST - Athletes are now getting their gear, uniform and their press photoshoots! The Games is finally here!

  • JULY 31st - CrossFit Games have announced that all athletes will be swimming in a pool on Saturday! This will be interesting!

  • JULY 30TH - Just rewatched The Fittest, Resurgance and watched for the first time Fittest On Earth: The Next Gen and pumped is an understatement! Bring on Wednesday!

  • JULY 30TH - Who else is looking forward to seeing Kara Saunders back competing? I think she might be a top contender throughout the weekend?!

  • JULY 28TH - CrossFit Games Instagram just let a hint slide for the Teams events - There will be mountain bikes! Froning and his team must be rubbing their hands for this one!

  • JULY 24th - CrossFit Games announce there will be BIG LIFTS returning to Saturday. I can't wait!

  • JULY 21ST - CrossFit Games YouTube released a Miles to Madison 07.22: Ricky Garard, Redemption & the Return of CrossFit Semifinals! Seen enough of the guy in my opinion, let's focus on the other athletes!

  • JULY 21ST - At the end of competition on Saturday night, the individual field will be cut to 30 athletes and the team field will be cut to 20 teams. In my opinion, a lot better thought out than the disaster of the 2019 CrossFit Games.

  • JULY 20TH - The CrossFit Games Schedule has just been released! And it looks goooood!


CrossFit Games Schedule

There is little in the way of hints for each of the Games' events throughout the week but what we do know is the timings of each events and not so much the workouts themselves.

As you can see the CrossFit Games Runs from Wednesday the 3rd August to Sunday the 7th August with Four days of competitions for individuals and teams and three days of competition for Age Groups and Adaptive Categories.

CrossFit Games Leaderboard

You can check out the CrossFit Games Leaderboard on the CrossFit Games Website here or check out our window below.

Who Will Win The CrossFit Games?

We want to get you involved and see who you think will win the 2022 Nobull CrossFit Games this year!

Who Will Win The Mens Individuals?

  • Justin Medieros

  • Pat Velner

  • Brent Fikowski

  • Ricky Gerard

Who Will Win The Women's Individuals?

  • Tia Toomey

  • Mal Obrian

  • Brooke Wells

  • Kara Saunders

What are the CrossFit Games?

The CrossFit Games are the pinnacle of the CrossFit competitive season which tries to find the Fittest man, women and team on earth.

Through a series of workouts, the CrossFit Games will try to find the strongest, fastest, most agile, skilful and best all around competitor who can prove that they are fitter than their competitors.

The journey to find the fittest on earth starts off with the CrossFit Open where anyone can participate for a chance to make it through to the quarter finals and then the semi-finals. The top athletes from regions around the world advance to each round culminating in the Semi-Finals where the top 40 athletes from each region and each category earn a place at the games.


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