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Discover more insight into what goes on in the CrossFit Community or learn more about how CrossFit can help you. AMRAP Antics also shares CrossFit workouts, product reviews, CrossFit news and takes a deeper dive into my fitness journey, from where I came from to where I am now.  



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Amrap Antics is a blog created to offer the most up to date crossfit news, workouts, articles, tips, tricks and an insight into my fitness journey.


My name is Harry Smith and I started CrossFit around 5 years ago through a gym in Leeds, UK. Since then I have built of years and years of experience in different CrossFit Boxes around Leeds, done a few races, competed in a couple of local competitions and overall have gotten fitter and healthier as a result of CrossFit. 


The aim of this blog is to share those experiences and spread the word about the wonders that CrossFit can provide for everyone. Give me a follow through my Instagram below @amrap_harry or comment on one of my blogs to ask me a question or get in touch. 


I also sometime review fitness products to share my experiences with them. If you would like to get in touch about reviewing your product get in touch through Instagram. 


If there is anything else you'd like me to right about, reach out and I'll answer any questions you might have regarding CrossFit or fitness.