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The CrossFit Games Is Back On Facebook!

After a long hiatus away from Facebook, The CrossFit Games is back!

Greg Glassman and CrossFit HQ withdrew from using Facebook owned social media platforms over a year ago, leaving many CrossFit fans in the dark. Only posting CrossFit updates on main site or on YouTube, CrossFit left Facebook due to one of the health groups being shut down and deleted by Facebook. Although it was unclear why this group was deleted, Glassman voiced his opinion through interviews and had raised concerns that Facebook had ties with big soda brands like Coca-Cola and that this was their way of controlling or attempting to suppress CrossFit.

Whatever the reason was, the massive losses of staff in CrossFit HQ must have not helped either. However, a few weeks ago CrossFit made a reappearance on Instagram, posting promotional videos shot at the 2019 CrossFit Games and promoting the 2020 season.

Now back on Facebook, we all look forward to more photos, videos, memes and of course the comments section...

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