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How Will CrossFit Classes Change After Coronavirus?

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 Pandemic has rocked the core of every civilisation on earth. Lockdown and social distancing has caused worldwide economic downfall, panic, confusion and most importantly and sadly, 100,000's of deaths.

Whilst some countries are now starting to come out of lockdown, many are wondering what does this mean for CrossFit, the CrossFit Games and your CrossFit Classes.

Expect to see something distant from what you know and love.

CrossFit is centred on health and community and when the community aspect is taken away some may find it hard. Depending on each countries social distancing rules, you may find that classes will keep athletes at least 2 metres away from others. We've seen boxes tape out specific areas for atheletes and provide all equipment in those designated areas. So no more high-fives and butt-slapping!

Clenliness of equipment will also be a high priority. Boxes are now asking athletes to clean their own equipment before and after each session to avoid cross-contamination. In addition to this, boxes may be looking to increase the frequency of deep cleaning that they do.

Economically, many boxes have really struggled with lockdown. As members have not been able to attend, many boxes have been under significant financial pressure to keep their doors open. However, there have been some innovative solutions to this. Zoom or virtual classes have been on the rise with instructors using webcams to teach classes from home.

Bodywieght workouts have been key for millions across the world (with many equipment stores selling out very quickly), however some boxes have loaned out equipment to those who can store it safely for members to use in exchange for their current membership price which has helped both athletes and boxes.

It is so important to support your local box in any way you can as this is still a troubling time for many.

Of course, boxes will need to adhere to their local social distancing guidelines which still sees gyms locked down in many countries. Gyms and boxes will not be the same for a considerable amount of time, however hopefully with innovation, willing and problem solving, all athletes can be safer and healthier as a result.

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