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Best Resistance Bands For Leg Workouts

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The leg muscles are some of the most used and important when building strength, boosting functional fitness and competing so finding the best resistance bands for leg workouts is essential. Check out our list of the best resistance bands for legs in 2021.

Rising in popularity over recent months with many gym-goers forced to do workouts at home, resistance bands pack a punch when it comes to increasing muscle mass and strength in a portable and storable way.

Whether you call them booty bands, glute bands, leg resistance bands, there is nothing that will get your booty muscles, glutes, quads and hammies firing like finding the best resistance bands for leg workouts. Our top picks will help you build those thighs and you can even save some money too.

As one of the most portable gym accessories you can buy, leg workouts for resistance bands can deliver an intense session when used correctly, taking up next to no room in your gym bag.

Don't forget too, that not only can you use resistance bands for leg workouts to increase your strength but for mobility and muscle activation to increase your range of motion and to warm-up before a big session.

In this blog, we have ranked and reviewed the best resistance bands for leg workouts to showcase our top 5 favourite bands for you.

Which are the best resistance bands for leg workouts?

The Heckin fit bands were, without a doubt, our top resistance bands for leg workouts in our opinion. You can buy the resistance bands through the links below or keep on reading to see how they compare to other resistance bands.

Heckin Fit Resistance Bands for leg workouts

[Working out from home? Check out our top resistance band exercises for leg workouts]

What makes the best resistance bands for glutes? 

Your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and butt make up the biggest muscle mass in your body, your legs. Because they're the biggest, most of the time they are the strongest too, so when looking for resistance bands for leg workouts, you need to make sure they are durable with powerful resistance.

When building strength, mass or even looking to warm up and activate the leg muscles, you have to find the perfect resistance for you. Make sure you find a resistance band with a good amount of resistance to activate your muscles when working out.

It is also really important to get the right size for you. Long rubber resistance bands can be useful when building the strength to do pull ups but are not suited for booty band workouts for example. Getting the right size to go above your knees without slipping down or pinching your skin can really improve your leg workouts.  

Resistance bands can not only help in your leg workouts but you can activate the muscles and work on mobility with these bands, perfect for warming up. If you're experienced with lifting weights and find that using resistance bands in your leg workouts is not for you, they can help in so many other ways too. Warming up your leg muscles is so important before working out and then having great mobility is also essential to get full range of motion in your lifts.

When looking for the best resistance bands, we at AMRAP ANTICS have a few factors we look for to get the best out of your gym accessories:

  1. Good Value for Money

  2. Durable and Powerful Material

  3. Perfect Sized Loop

  4. Anti-Slip

We try and actively look for the best resistance bands for leg workouts and are always looking for new products to try. We want to show you the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

As avid fitness fanatics, we know how having the right fitness equipment makes your experience in the gym (or home gym) better so thats why we want to let you know which are the best.

Check out the 3 best resistance bands for leg Workouts here

1. Heckin Fit Resistance Bands 

✅Versatile, Stylish, Perfect Resistance and Durable

Heckin Fit Resistance Band for leg workouts

We have tested out these resistance bands for a long time and we're really excited to share that the Heckin Fit resistance bands for leg workouts are our top pick and its easy to see why.

These bands can be used for full body workouts as well as workouts for legs too. With an anti-slip loop on the inside of the band, you know that you won't get any movement when doing leg or full body workouts. The band is handy to fit in any gym bag and even your pocket so is the perfect gym accessory.

I think the band also looks great too, and not too 'out there' as the others might be. When using the band, I've found the resistance to be the perfect amount. The resistance is labelled as medium but for every resistance band workout I have done with it, it has been the perfect resistance for me.

Granted it is slightly more expensive than some other resistance bands but actually you're paying for quality with Heckin Fit so we're happy to pay to get the best resistance band.

The Heckin Fit brand has also made a name for itself by empowering its customers with an online community that shares workouts, exercises and lifestyle advice and we think that that really matters when looking for a brand to support.

I am really impressed with the Heckin Fit resistance band and thats why its our number 1 pick. Not only is the quality of the band the best but also, you get free delivery with this band, saving you those extra pennies. There is also an option to pay for tracked delivery or faster delivery but these were not very expensive.

With this band, we also recieved a zippable carry case as well as a link to a webpage with a load of exercises and workouts on which we loved.


✅Perfect Sized Loop

✅Thick & Durable

✅Different Resistance Strengths

Bad ❌Slightly more expensive, but you are paying for quality

2. Fearless Active Peach Booty Band 

✅Workout in Style

Highly durable and made to last, the Fearless Active Peach Booty Band lets you workout in style. With the material band, it doesn't pinch or pull at your skin like other rubber bands do. The size of this loop is also perfect for leg workouts.

The a large difference with the Fearless resistance band is that it comes in only one strength, with one resistance band.

However, we LOVE the style and design of the resistance band which is not too pricey either, so it is our second pick.


✅Good Quality

✅Durable Material

✅Cool Design

✅Perfect Size


❌Single Band Only

3. Recredo Booty Bands

✅ Feel The Burn

The thick, knitted style of these resistance bands for leg workouts will really challenge your leg and help activate your muscle when working out. The Recredo Booty Band set is available in a pack of three, each with increasing resistance which is great for those who are used to training.

With the difference resistance levels, you can taper your progression as your legs get stronger. You are also able to purchase the bands individually too if you don't need the other bands, to suit your experience level.

With a funky design and handy protective bag, you can turn heads in the gym with ease. Also, with this pack you receive video demonstrations of the best resistance band exercises for leg workouts and a free eBook of all the exercises too, which in our opinion is a great addition.

We think that this option has great value for money with the high quality and durability of the bands too.

Good   ✅Added Extras

✅Quality Bands

✅Funky Colours


In our opinion these are the best resistance bands for leg workouts available. After reviewing each one with a variety of factors, the Heckin Fit Resistance Bands for leg workouts was our top pick.

Although many of the items we reviewed came in multipacks, don't rule out the single resistance bands for leg workouts as the single bands are often more stylish, so you can look fresh whilst working on those legs.

When buying your band, you want to not only get the best product, but you also want a great customer experience and to support a brand that you like and that resonates with you. When reviewing the Heckin Fit Resistance Band we thought we got a great customer experience and we are so happy to put them at the top of our list.

Find your perfect resistance bands for leg workouts on our list and build your leg strength and muscle mass today. Click on the links to go straight to buy resistance bands and get them delivered straight to your door.

Have you bought yours yet? Let us know how you found your resistance bands and your leg workouts in the comments below.

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